Who is Neil from the Neil Special MOD & who is SDM?


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Jun 9, 2013
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Hi guy's I'm going to mod my 1983 JCM 800 Combo with that neil Special mod where I can switch from 2204 to super lead mode and was just wondering who Neil is, Can't find any information other the it leads to a site call SDM which does not exist anymore and wonder who they were and if they can be found as far as finding them on new sites so as to learn more from them. Anyways does anyone know the history on this, Thanks...


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Feb 12, 2014
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SDM is Steve Miller, pukka tech and very well informed and knowledgeable based in US - I’ve been hanging onto his shirt-tails for years for amp knowledge helped me formulate solutions for debugging and problem solving donkeys years ago.
I am a rank amateur ( day job -often nights too! - is a GI/colorectal/endoscopic surgeon). I built my first radio with my father (now retired English Electric/GEC design engineer) when I was about 10 but then took up messing with old motorcycles and cars repair as main non-sport activity which predominated. (even did some school work too). Started guitar aged 14 when I gave up piano (usual teenage reason!). Made some of my own gear, messing around with Leak valve amps when SS was hip and trendy but that helped when I ditched my Fenders and found Marshalls and been messing with those for years. I like restos and do not claim any extra-ordinary tech knowledge but I do know more than is healthy about vintage amps from 60s and 70s. Funnily enough my son is an exceptional academic Engineer (in 4th year of MEng in Cambridge) so we can be partners in crime.
Anyhoo - good plan on the plexi-2203/4 mod !
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