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Mar 7, 2011
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by them filtering out stuff, makes them merchants of said disinfo / misinfo...

who decides what's true / false?

what happened to free speech?

what happened to free thinking / thought?

they've decided that you are too dumb to decipher for yourself...

censoring things from searches, is psy-op shit, devised by bad actors. Notice how all the disinformation is being found out as truth & that the suppressors were the ones handing out the disinformation narrative all along? It's gaslighting...

When you go to google & do a search for something & nothing remotely similar comes up, they are out to make you think:

* that what you are looking for doesn't exist
*that nobody else is even thinking about looking for that
*nobody in their right mind would search for that
*you are either stupid, or crazy to even consider that

They've been doing it for so long, many people believe what their algorithms tell them...
Exactly. And while DDG didn't market themselves as the "anti censorship" search engine they became incredibly popular for exactly that. Which is why they got pressure (like the documented pressure Twitter has since made public) and immediately afterwards fell in line with the rest of the "establishment".

AKA - they sold out.


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Apr 29, 2014
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All I really want to do regarding computer security is to find a way to tell Windows 10 to stop bothering me about my free upgrade to Windows 11. I don't care if it's ready. I don't care if it's free. I don't want it at all and won't install it. Maybe my mind might change some time in the future, but for now....0.00000 percent intested. So stop bugging me about it.

I can do this by turning off Windows Updates, but then it won't update 10, either.

Windows 7 was perfect. They should have stopped trying to "improve" Windows at that time, and just kept it current with technology by regular updates. No reason at all to change the UI.
I upgraded?? To Windows 11, 6- months ago, and my computer ran like crap. I couldnt reinstall Windows 10 fast enough.


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Apr 2, 2017
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as far as AV, I only use the Windows security, whatever it's called today...

I use Malware Bytes, but, only as a scanner, every so often

I use Opera as a browser, & have Ublock Origin, Adblocker & Popupblocker plus, I use Ghostery & another one called Disconnect, which stops trackers from seeing where you come from & where you go, when you leave a site...

Sometimes, one, or all of them block functions/features on some sites, so, I end up having to pause/disable once in a while, but, so far, they seem to keep me pretty safe.

Using AVG & Malware Bytes as live protection, they block way too many sites & for no good reason.

Oh, & Opera does have some sort of ad/cookie blocker buit in, as most browsers seem to these days.

but, add-ons/extensions can be the source of hack via malicious code...
I used to suggest Opera because it was 100% Web standards compliant. However, they sold the platform to a Chinese interest and I moved over to Brave browser.


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Dec 7, 2009
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whats so good about it?
It doesnt nag you, its secure on its own unlike Windows, you can put it on any slow old pc and turn it into a speedy machine no bloat, everything is free! If youre an Android user you can put Android on a pc too, Android is Linux based!


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Oct 21, 2012
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I used to get these, on my Android phone & Macbook (just to state this is OS independent). Alex most definitely had a few malicious ad campaigns slip in the site, which I don’t believe he can control without fully disabling them.

I’d stated this in 2017:

And again in 2018:
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