ToneKing Falcon mk11

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Feb 7, 2016
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London UK
My friend came to jam in my studio yesterday and brought his TKF.

It is truly the best amp ever. The clarity of the notes and the unmuddled quality of chords is second to none. I played it on and off for the day, no pedals required. Strat, tele, lp. No tweaking required for a nice tone.

It was an 8 hour session so got to compare it well. Initially my SV20 sounded good along side it. But later in the day the sv sounded harsh - I don’t know why that was.

The clean on my DSL5CR blended well. But oddly my 57 Tweed sounded far too unrefined against it.

Next month when he comes over I will stack some OD pedals to see how it copes with hard rock.

But I am thinking for my style of play the TKF could be the only amp I need.

The only down side is it is close to 40lb.

Where as my current stable is consists of light amps. (SV is a head and 1x12)

I know TK make the Gremlin but I have played through that and it does not compare.

I thought I would share. In case any of you were wondering about the Falcon Mk11

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