Statins..Anyone here have to take them?


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Oct 13, 2014
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Thanks for the heads-up!

We did the first two jabs, but no more for us!

I'm reading too many stories about side effects even in young, healthy people, and a lot of it seems to be heart-related problems..Although it's not being talked about much in the mainstream.
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Oct 14, 2011
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Feb 7, 2016
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A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of an episode with chest pain, wound up in the ER for several hours, and they recommended I have a stress test.

Did the test this morning and the doctor told me there was some abnormalties going on, most probably choresterol buildup in my arteries..No surprise there, I'm nearly 64 and my lifestyle has not always been the healthiest.

So I get a call from my doctor's office this afternoon and she wants me to come in later in the week, and I can pretty much predict what she's going to recommend-Statins.

She has already been on my case about taking them due to my bloodwork showing high "C" levels, but they're also supposed to be a bit risky to take..Unfortunately there's a severe lack of doctors around nowadays who are into natural methods of curing disease, it seems to be the norm these days to just prescribe the latest big pharma invention, then to counter the side effects with another drug, and then another..You get the picture.

Back in N.C. I had a really cool doctor who was open to natural and organic cures, but even if I had stayed back there he's retired now..And the new generation of doctors that are coming into the the medical "biz" nowadays seem to be all about nothing but chemicals and big pharma.

Don't get me wrong, if a conventional drug is going to be the only way I'm Ok with it, but the whole slippery slope of feeding people multiple drugs in a "Let's try this" scenario and then them having an adverse reaction to the cocktail they've been taking is scary..I've seen it happen, I nearly lost one of my best friends to that kind of crap recently, and so I tend to be really leery of the whole bit.

So, is there anyone here on these Statins? And if so, how are they working for you?
They gave my mother polymyagia rhumatica.

She was stiff like a plank for 3 years. Could not bend, even her fingers.

She was in agony.

My doc offered them to me. You know what I said.