SOLD: 50W Marshall JMP 1987 Lead 1968 Clone (PPIMV) NOS Mustard - 1750€


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Mar 5, 2023
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For sale is a great sounding 50W Marshall JMP 1987 Lead 1968 specs Clone built by me.

This is a hand wired faithful reproduction of the 1968 Marshall Plexi 50 Watt original circuit based on Marstran schematic and info from Germino and Metropoulos, with all the same component values. High quality and NOS components like original Mustard and Lemco capacitors were used with special attention to detail and workmanship. An amp head that is the bench mark for that classic rock tone of the 60s through the 70s. The amp is quiet, punchy and cleans up nice with a roll of the guitars volume. The Larmar PPIMV makes bedroom playing possible. Steel chassis and plexi faceplates from Modulus, Smallbox cabinet from Tubetown. If you plan to use your own tubes I can reduce the final price by 65€.

Feel free to ask any questions, also if you have particular year like '67,69' Lead or Bass specs in mind or want something changed based on your personal preference, contact me.
Most players prefer 47K negative feedback on 8 ohm tap, can change to 47K on Output jack like stock '68. Also, stock '68 bright cap value on volume is 5000pf which acts like on/off switch so most players prefer 100pf-500pf, can change to value which you would prefer.

-Plate voltage 425V

- NOS Mullard Mustard capacitors 0.68uf, 0.022uf, 0.0022uf, 0.1uf

- NOS Lemco 560pf and 47pf capacitors

- Dagnall reissue power transformer

- Dagnall Choke, 3H reproduction from Modulus

- InMadOut Output transformer, reproduction of Drake 784-139

- Master volume on the rear panel, Lar-Mar Post Phase Inverter Master Volume (PPIMV)

- 3x 12ax7 80's Chinese square getter, 2x EL34 Shuguang

- F&T electrolytic capacitors

- NOS Iskra 100K plate resistors and NOS Piher 10K/8.2K B+ dropping resistors

- UK made Cliff input jacks, Welwyn 1K 7W Screen resistors

- Hand-wired using military spec technique, 270 degree wire wrap around the turret for reliability

- brand new cabinet from Tube Town

- Steel chassis from Modulus

- Phenolic turret board, Micalex sockets, Alpha pots

- Slightly modified Larry grounding scheme

- 120V, 220V, 240V Mains wiring possible

95€ shipping to EU, 150€ to USA


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