Silver Jubilee and a Clean Boost?


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Dec 7, 2009
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So I've had some time to sit with my new-to-me '87 2553 and loving it so far. I'm using it as a clean/dirty amp and getting pretty good tones from both channels. Had my first rehearsal with it last night and the only thing lacking is a boost for leads. I have a pretty competent pedal board with a MIDI looper and I have a "lead" patch configured to bring an SD-1 in for leads. It provides a nice, smooth tone but not much of a boost, which I know is not it's purpose. I also have a programmable graphic EQ that I can use but haven't tried it yet because I'm really happy with the lead sound. What's missing is an actual increase in volume. Back in the early '80s I was in a band with a guy that used an MXR MicroAmp so that was my first thought. I vaguely remember that working pretty well for him. Then I came across the MXR CAE Boost/Line Driver so that's a consideration. I'm not looking to add any more gain but I know slamming the front end is gonna do that regardless. I can live with that and tweak things to tame it a bit...just looking for something that will get me out front a little more for solos. Riding the guitar volume knob is probably not an option for me guitars just sound better on 10.
I've already tried using the SD-1 on the clean channel as my dirty sound, setting up a patch to turn it off for clean, and setting another patch to use the lead channel for leads. The clean/SD-1 combo just doesn't sound as good as the lead channel by itself and I couldn't get down with the rhythm clip.
My thought is to put a clean boost at the end of the chain so I'm not slamming anything in front of it, except the front end of the Jube. Or...should I put it last in the effects loop? Any suggestions?
Put an EQ in the loop, set all sliders in the middle, set volume slider up a notch, theres your lead volume boost! :yesway: