Recommend Speaker for Marshall 6101LM 1x12 100w Combo


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Oct 6, 2018
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I recently picked up a Marshall 6101LM combo from another forum member, and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. However, as I turn it up past practice amp levels, I've noticed a harsh and brittle edge to the tone that I'm not thrilled with, especially on the Pentode setting (it's warmer and not so harsh on the triode setting). It has the stock 30th Anniversary Special Design G200-L speaker, made by Electrovoice as I understand. As an experiment I decided to run it through the speakers on my TSL122 combo (Celestion Heritage and Vintage speakers). It warmed up and smoothed out considerable and was much more pleasing to my ears.

So what I might end up doing is trying a different speaker in the 6101LM. What can you recommend that I look into that has a smooth top end, prominent meaty mids, but that is still lively and not dull sounding? It also needs to handle 100 watts.


Jethro Rocker

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Mar 11, 2011
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Saskatoon, Canada
I changed mine out to a GT75. No, it isn't 100 watts, I never run it that high. I set to half power but still pentode mode. 50 watts is lots. It changed it for the better.
Could try any 100 watt or even the Celestion copperback 250. I found the Celestion Gold originally in mine to be really harsh. Almost anything would be better IMO.