PRS MT15 vs Archon 50


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Nov 13, 2019
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So, I got my Archon 50 recently, REALLY loving it to be honest! Sounds huge! Plenty of mids, low end and bite. Not super tight like an EVH for example by default, but it just has that rich and fat Archon sound. Pretty unique I must say!

The MT15 Mark Tremonti signature amp, who doesn't know this amp? It's small but has 2 6L6 tubes in it (the older ones at least, like mine). A lot of people have one because it's affordable, sounds killer and also goes pretty loud for such a small amp. People have said that the MT15 basically a mini Archon, but is it really?

They have similarities in the tones but they definitely do sound unique imho. The Archon has a sort of rawness and texture that the MT15 doesn't have but the MT15 sounds a bit more smooth, tight and refined. Both are killer!

Here's a little comparison of the two:

If you're not into amp comparisons, feel free to steer clear! ;)