Pete Thorn Video on Bright Caps in Marshalls

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Jul 24, 2015
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Shakedown Street
battery charger back plate?
Yup, it has a USB port thing and that's how you re charge after 50 hours use , or so it claims . I have been procrastinating in having this set up and installed . link for the battery pack r56287_lg1 - Copy.jpg I got this set up from Sweetwater r56287_lg2.jpg and price was pretty reasonable . I think it was around three hundred bucks . I had to order a extra push pull pot , the set comes with one push pull pot . I wanted the 2nd push pull in order to have a tone control for the bridge pickup as that's the way it came from Fender Custom , which was the first time I ever had a tone control for the bridge pickup . This is the Strat that will be getting the Fishman Fluence active pickups set . I played this guitar a lot from 2012 - July 2014 . This guitar worked well with my Fender amps . The guitar is set up currently with a floating bridge for some palm dives , as I don't use the whammy bar . White blonde ashbody , with a quarter sawn maple neck with jumbo frets which I like . The factory pickups in the guitar thru my 2555X's sound very thin and weak , which is why I am going with this set up with the Fishman Fluence set .
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