NGD: Gibson LP Standard GT


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May 5, 2020
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Got this beauty today, Gibson Les Paul Standard ‘50s - Gold Top: Flawless, fret ends well made, tidy cavities, well set up with good action, no string buzz, and perfect intonation. It weighs 4089 g (9.015 lb). I don’t like to buy instruments online, but it’s almost impossible to get anything nearby, even if you place order well in advance. This time it worked out well, though. It’s a slightly delayed birthday gift for myself (I’m born the same year as a company that’s quite popular here on this forum).

I like this ‘50s style neck. Feels good to play both full barre chords and single note soloing. Still have to work out best way to play with “thumb over”, though. That feels a little awkward.

I compared it with my Epiphone LP Standard Pro from 2016. Unplugged the Gibson has richer and more delicate tone, and longer sustain. The Epi on the other hand sounds louder. Maybe because of the weight relief?

Plugged in the Gibson wins totally. More detailed sound, and better string separation. Bridge pickup brighter and more aggressive. Dialing down the tone control handles that well if I want it less bright. Still get a very good tone. If I dial down the tone control for the Epi bridge pu, the sound just gets dull. Also for the neck pu the Gibson has far better sound, more precise and articulate. Height adjustment of the pu’s can of course influence. I will do some experimenting later on.

I think the Gibson is a better guitar, but is it worth the price difference? Well, that’s for each one to decide for themselves. I will keep the Epi. It’s still a good guitar, and now I can keep one LP tuned in DADGAD.

This Gibson is difficult to put away. Sped Spedding recently released a YT video on how to play Parisienne Walkways. That will sound nice on this guitar, besides Page/Perry/Gibbons/Slash riffs.

A neighbor in the area also has a NGD. When I picked up this parcel I saw another Gibson box, from another web shop. There will be some rockin’ in this ‘hood tonight.

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