New Amp Day - 1959SLP


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Dec 7, 2009
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I have a couple hours on it now and got comfortable with it very quickly, sounds great with all my guitars, figured out how to dial in the amp and all my pedals, I'm very happy with it! :yesway:

Its a 2000 reissue, the previous owner did all the usual maintenance on an older amp, new pots, inputs, caps, etc. and put a LarMar PPIMV in it which works perfectly, its like a new amp and dead quiet!

It sounds really good through my G12T75 2x12, I plan to get a pair creambacks at some point and pop those in there to see how it sounds. Its a big sounding amp and has plenty of gain on tap with the PPIMV so no need for OD pedals unless I want some heavy distortion, sounds great at low volume home levels. Its definitely bigger sounding than my SV20H but that could also be due to the JHS volume box in the loop, I'd like to get an attenuator for the SV20H some day to see what kind of gain I can get out of it, probably not that different from the SLP. I have thought about putting a Metro zero loss loop in the SLP as well, I will see...


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