NAD, warning, not a Marshall


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May 15, 2020
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No secrecy here, I got this one from SW. It was the last one and I don’t see the combos or heads for sale anywhere, which is why I’m so hesitant to give it up. Their tech support is always responsive, but this is not the first time for me dealing with this. Last year I spent six months receiving and sending back Mesa Cali Tweed combos and heads, because they also exhibited a terrible rattle. In both cases I must assume the culprit is broken tubes in shipping. I almost started to believe the problem was with the gear on my end, but different guitars, rooms, houses , cables, etc.. all exhibited this same issue. So I actually had the credit sitting around from the Mesas, which is why I spent it on the Rivera. Shipping amps back and forth is a loss for everyone. I now believe that amps should be bought in person at a store, or tubes should be shipped separately and expertly wrapped.

Further complicating the issue is that amps need to be re-biased even if the tube replacements are the same model.

Sorry to highjack your thread, I want to stick with the amp, it does sound incredible. Also, I tried the headphone output the other day, best I’ve ever heard, no rattle either…

No problem. We're all just hanging out and talking.

Bummer on last one. Hopefully there's a reliable ETA for more that's soon.

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