Mod JVM or sell it?

Karl Brake

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Mar 31, 2018
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Mod it! It kills modded absolutely!!!!
So here's the story:
I currently own a JVM410H together with an AFD100 and recently added a mesa mark V to the collection.

The AFD is currently on sale, and now I'm stuck with the following dilemma: do i sell the JVM as well, and get a SC20H for classic marshall tones or do i get the JVM modded to loosen up, and sound more old-school?

My major gripe with the JVM is the fact that it sounds very compressed (especially the crunch channel), but love the fact that it's so versatile.
The SC20 on the other hand is plug and play, but needs an overdrive pedal in front to get into thrash territory.

I'm looking for classic/old-school Marshall tone (guns 'n roses, ac/dc, iron maiden, ...), that crunching Marshall sound.
For modern heavy stuff I'll be using the mesa mark V.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

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