Marshall (head only) -realistic used -prices.


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Jul 20, 2008
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Other than the fact the US is getting fucked by the import duties etc that make (more) reasonably-priced units for sale in the UK absurd here, your post doesn’t have much purpose to it but a “I think apples should be no more than $1.50/lb gripe.” You are entitled to do that but it’s a pretty pointless topic.

Due to socio-economic factors the mods frown upon discussing here, that’s tough shit for you (and me and us). Dudes have been whining for over 10 years that “no 2203 should be worth a penny more than $950…$1k max as a museum piece,” and every year that passed, that sentiment shifted one more increment away from “savvy purchaser” and one more increment toward “jackass with no understanding of economics.”

How much has gas/petrol been per gallon/liter these past 18+ months? How much did UPS suddenly start charging to ship the same amp head boxes and guitar-cased boxes you were only paying X for in the 2010s? How much does ground beef cost at the market now? Don’t want to pay much for a Marshall? Good news: given an upcoming and likely inevitable recession, people who bought too much shit out of COVID isolation/boredom will then realize that they can’t use that 5th amp to pay rent or feed the family and there will be a race to the bottom as too many people try to unload too much shit causing a glut of supply amidst a complete loss of demand.
Things are going to get worse before it gets better,…


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Sep 11, 2015
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I am just laughing to idiots overpricing everything possible. I am on hunt for AFD100 I had one that I liked and price was acceptable (2100 EUR) still alot for such poor sounding and weak construction amp but I just want it in my collection. Amp got sold before I planed 900km trip and in two days it appeared on Reverb for 5300 EUR :D... 3200 EUR profit. Comon... and because of those people prices raise up.