Marshall 3310 Problems


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Oct 2, 2007
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Giessen in Germany, near Frankfurt
Hi there,

I´m from germany so excuse my english.
I´ve got a not working Marshall 3310 (Mosfet) top. The preamp is fine but something is wrong with the power amp. I heard no sound out of the speakers,
so I decided to replace all components of the power amp board.
The original power transistors used were the discontinued 2SK134 and 2SJ49 so I decided to buy 2SK1058 and 2SK162 as an alternative.
After changing the components I powered the amp on. I heard a very loud buzz and then the 1.6 A fuse blew away. I don´t know why because I think I´ve attached everything right. Who can help?
But I did not change all parts off the board because I´ve got no information or a value for the used choke and I couldn´t get all the transistors here in germany.
Does anybody know equivalent transistors to
1. MPSA06,
2. MPSA93,
3. BC182,
4. BC212...
...that are available in germany
and does anybody know the value for the choke.
the power amp schematic is here: