Mankind put a man on the moon before putting wheels on luggage.


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Feb 11, 2014
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The desire to lay in bed all day is called "clinomania."

Trees recognize their children, sending them more carbon below ground and reducing their own roots to make room for their kids.

In 1987, Singapore passed the Human Organ Transplant Act, which implements a priority rule with an opt-out system. If a person objects to donating their organs after death, they lose priority for receiving an organ, should they need one in the future.

Chocolate, sex and laughter are all important to a healthy brain.

Spending just five minutes in nature is enough to improve your mood.

A Japanese woman was having a laser surgery on her cervix when she farted, igniting the laser and setting herself on fire.

The older a father is when he has a child, the uglier the child will be, according to research.

The phrase "I don't give a fuck" originated in 1790.

A man named Paul Brown invented the upside-down squeeze bottle back in 1991. He sold his product to several major companies (from shampoo manufacturers to NASA) then sold his company for $13 million by 1995.

The offspring of identical twins are legally cousins but genetically siblings.

Google’s parent company Alphabet has just become the fourth US company to hit a market cap of $1 trillion.

Women tend to rate male faces with heavy stubble (a 10-day beard) as the most attractive, according to 2013 research.

Researchers have confirmed that, under the right circumstances, yes, your cat would eat your dead body. While studying the effects of natural decomposition on human bodies at a “body farm,” researchers discovered feral cats had been feasting on them on overnight footage.

Canada still has 91% of the forest coverage that existed at the start of European settlement.

Only three people in the U.S. were approved to hand-pack the parachutes on all the Apollo missions. Their skills were considered so vital that NASA forbade them from ever riding in the same car together.

Once you turn 18, your 6,570 day free trial has expired.

Most people try to accomplish something before their microwave reaches zero.

Your money’s not yours. It’s just your turn with it.

No matter how bad things are, someone somewhere wishes they had your life.

If you don’t believe muscle memory is real, just rearrange the icons on your phone.

It’s very likely that at some point in the future, another child will grow up in your childhood home, and will end up having many of the same sorts of memories in the same place that you had them.

“You look tired” is the socially acceptable way of saying “you look like sh*t.”

Dogs understand more of our language than we understand theirs.

I would probably hate meeting someone with the exact same personality as me.

The age when you are most useless (0-4 yo) is also the age when you get the most compliments.





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Nov 18, 2017
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Another superlative collection....many thanks.

"The older a father is when he has a child, the uglier the child will be, according to research."

^^^ Now I know why I am so much prettier than my younger brother.

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but, then you'd be "el guapo" (gorgeous), which is an effeminate description...

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