hey peeps, newb here saying hi

Mar 2, 2022
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been lurking a while now,
figured i'd say hi
i'm a clown from connecticut
i make a fairly mean fuzz box, even tho i rarely use them anymore.
been playing music since 1967, when i began cello and recorder in school at 7. had been playing piano... poorly... since 4.
in that same year, i discovered jimi hendrix. i had always been a nerd who hated rockandroll. hendrix changed everything.
when i heard black sabbath off black sabbath by black sabbath <i love saying that phrase> any hopes of me following my dad's
footsteps into science were lost.
i started swiping my sister's crappy acoustic when she was at school, and learning to find little melodies and things on it.
i didn't know any chords or anything. right for the leads cuz i'm an idiot. i did mention i'm a clown, right?
about 11 i got my first "real" guitar, a teisco del ray et300. i was sold. it never left my side. that was followed by a telecaster, and then a les paul...
and then years of the addiction.... not to dope, to gear!
so far, i've been blessed to have 54 years of doing this, and i'm still digging it, still getting better, still seeing improvement n stuff. life's a journey. i keep my bol packed. ;)
so years later, here i am with 70 some odd guitars, 30 some odd amps, hundreds of stompboxes and dozens of rack pieces. but all i really use is a guitar, a cord, and a marshall.
i became partial to the solid state series of the 80's, in particular, and those are actually my favorite amps.
i know, i know, but i prefer these to the tube ones. they just sound better to my ears, and have less maintenance expense. i go in and replace all the electros in the circuit, the zener diodes, and make the preamp completely metal film 1% resistors... blueprinting them makes them sound even better. there's a lot of magic in that 1458 jelly bean... it's really just a double 741, but man, nothing sounds as good. some folks put in tl0X2's, but they make the amps hissy and noisy... no bueno. when i'm done, they're loud, stable, not noisy or hissy, and can handle being run full blast, rode hard, and put away wet.
i've got the little 12 watt double stack, two of the 12 watt combos with reverb <one's been molested to have a parallel fx loop added to it> 3 of the 30 watt models, one a 1x12 no reverb, the "red box" one with two inputs, one of those i salvaged from just a pcb i found on the 'bay and made a case for and restored, and one with reverb.. and then 4 of the split channel 5212's, two 2x12 combos and two cut down into heads. these are modified with switching jacks on the speakers, so i can run each combo with two heads, each driving on speaker.... addicted.
then i've still got the 9001 preamp from the early 90's, and the solid state version, the 9004.... which to me, sounds way better than the tube ones.... and a jmp in my rack should i need it.
then there's the cheap ass monoprice i converted the preamp in <only a couple diffs between the stock pre and a jcm 800>....which is, for the money, a terrorific little monster now that sounds nothing like the 200 bux pos my co-guitarist was throwing out.
i've owned a couple 800's over the years, usually 2x12 combos. used to have the hybrid 30 watter stack back in the day, and had a major back in the late 70's for a short time. that thing had too much balls for actual use. there's a few more stashed away in my dungeon, buried, that i haven't even looked at in years. ;)
these days, i even built the preamp from the solid state marshalls i love so much into a stompbox, running at the proper 32v ptp with a charge pump off a 9v battery... so i can go to a jam, with one pedal, and still sound like me.

i realize that its sacriliege to prefer the solid state marshalls, but to me, they're just plain better sounding and more reliable amps. yeah, i'm sick, but...
less glassyness, less ear bleed, less noise, no speaker impedance selectors to go south, <g> no transformers to blow... i'll stick with these.
with one of these old ss marshalls, i don't use effects or anything anymore. guitar>coily cord>amp. all i need.

these days i'm mostly retired from gigging. most of my time goes into doing repair work for locals... i'm the guy who keeps all the broke ass musicians in business when they blow stuff up in these parts these days... or manufacturing/designing guitar effects i don't even use. go figure. but, it keeps me outta trouble.

anyways, just a little about me. if my rep preceeds me, know its not of my making. i'm just a clown.
Mar 2, 2022
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those are nice sounding amps, too... but i actually prefer the transistors to the fets!!
just realized i forgot the 2 1x12 50 watt combos in the garage

glad to know i'm not alone in my prefs. rock on, fitz!


Jun 20, 2021
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Welcome to this forum PinkJimiPhoton,
We might have to get a photo of all your amps lined up one day.
Might be best to do it when the your other half is not at home, otherwise you might be asked why do you need so many amps. ;)
Loved the clip on you-tube with you guys gigging, nice music.
The stomp-boxes you make, do you sell them on the net, somewhere we can see them ?
Peace be with you dude.


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May 4, 2013
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An interesting guy like you is more than welcome to the forum ,

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