Fuse Holders


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Jan 25, 2009
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I have a bag of NOS fuse holders for early JCMs (I suspect late-JMPs also). I needed replacements for a JCM years ago because the stupid cap shears/chips with the use of a flathead screwdriver and I ONLY needed the caps, which I swapped out for the cracked ones.

My 2203 JMP seems to have one of these fuse holders and what appears to be an aftermarket holder that juts out prominently and uses a (smarter) philips head design. Since I have the OEM holders I figured I would replace the fuse holder assembly with the correct one (maybe use both new ones), but the problem is I have the cracked caps that makes screwing open difficult-to-impossible, and again need new caps.

I am not above buying a complete assembly (again) but the aftermarkets I see bear more resemblance to the one I am trying to replace than they do the NOS originals. Are these (caps or full holder assemblies) available new/used anywhere? IDC if it even works, as long as the cap isn’t chipped/cracked.

Attached: the NOS holder assemblies with a parts-number marked bag they came in as well as the current fuse holders on the back panel.
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