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Leonard Neemoil

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Jun 21, 2021
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That shit has to be staged or was an educational thing for others that don't know better because that thing must've reeked!

One day at a local lake, I kept smelling something rancid. After a little while I went looking for the cause. Only took me a few minutes to discover that it was a dead beaver on shore that was bloated AF!

I found a Y stick and tried to pick it up and could tell that it was ready to pop. The thing was like a water balloon! Luckily, I was able to get under it and without detonation, I moved it downwind for others to appreciate :D :lol:

I can't even imagine the, pre burst, odor of something the size of a dead elephant! Nevermind once it popped! I was gagging at the smell of that little bloated beaver.

Of course that's imo, ymmv, and all that jazz. :rofl: