FS/T Tele humbuckers-pre loaded drop in set


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Apr 7, 2020
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Pittsburgh PA
I've started the mods to my old Muslady kit tele.
The new P-90s are due to arrive today.
I have no plans for another tele build, so I'd like to find these pups & hardware a new home.
GFS tele pups.jpg GFS tele pups boxes.jpg
GFS Lil' Punchers tele set. ($30 ea. new)
Fits Tele® (guitarfetish.com)
500k pots, control plate w/ 3-way & coil tap switches, all quick plug wired for plug & play.
Bridge & neck ring are Vintage Forge - nice heavy gauge plate.
I'm including the pearl & plain cream pickguards and a set of plain knobs.
Gotta be well over $100 worth of upgrades.
Looking for a pedal trade for just about anything I don't have - I ship / you ship.
Mostly would love to see one of you MFer's put these in your tele.
If you want these, and have no trade, I'd at least want shipping cost +$20? (highly negotiable)
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