FS: Sequis Motherload Elemental Dummy Load and Speaker Emulator 8 ohm- SOLD


Aug 14, 2020
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From the manufacturer:

The definitive master volume control. Connect this device between your guitar amplifier and speaker.

The amplifier knobs control the tone, the Motherload Elemental controls the speaker volume. It can also emulate speaker tones at line level for recording, with or without speakers being used, so you can record with your real amp at midnight! It will also connect your guitar or bass amp to the PA for amazing live sound.

Our new design, the ‘Motherload Elemental’, is now available. This easy to use unit combines an upgraded version of the Richter Control attenuator with Motherload versalility and sonic qualities all in one compact package. The Elemental is a dummy load, speaker attenuator and speaker emulating D.I. for guitar and bass. All of this is achieved in a format as near to plug and play as is possible while maintaining tone and feel.

Motherload Elemental features:

* Unspoilt sound from the attenuator, consistent in dynamics and tone over entire range, limited only by the speaker sensitivity.

* 2 ranges of attenuation, giving an output of 0 – 12% and 12 – 50% of incoming power.

* Signal and overload indication.

* Elementals have the facility for a footswitch operated volume shift unit.

* 2 speaker outputs in parallel for simple full stack connection.

* Can operate as a dummy load without speakers for silent recording.

* Powerful speaker simulations in an easy to use preset format from a single blend control.

* Speaker sounds are based on Celestion Blue back, as used by Vox, and modern 4×12 and bass cabs.

* Distortion control in simple format of variable Centre to Edge of cone microphone simulation.

* Send and Return connections facilitate adding post-amplifier effects to the speaker simulation signals.

* The Return input can be used as a line level input for general use and in editing/mixing, using the speaker simulation filters.

* Thru connections are provided for simple backline to P.A. direct connection with speaker simulation when attenuation is not required. The amplifier is connected to the speaker via the Richter Thru connections.

* Speaker simulation outputs are balanced 600 ohm from an XLR, controlled from the front panel, and a 3 pole ¼” jack which has full signal level.

* A free-standing rugged metal case in blue enamel, with ventilation, keeps things protected and cool.

* Switches are provided on the rear panel to connect either balanced output braid to the case for screening.The case is isolated from the amplifier input.

* Designed to be used with amplifiers up to 100W.

£195 including UK delivery.


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