First amp build (Ceriatone Plexi All Access 51)


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Aug 18, 2021
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@pietro.castelli ,

Hey my friend, you've been MIA long enough that I was beginning to worry about you!

Here's a quick suggestion. Go out and find a fairly priced, suitable, used speaker cabinet. Buy it, own it and use until you get what you want sorted out. Then simply sell that cabinet for price similar to what you paid! Even if you take a small loss, that's a pretty cheap price for being able to nicely use your newly built amp. Heck, when you "flip" the cabinet, you even net a small profit! The real trick here is to buy used!

On another note: Do those templates I sent seem like they will be of any use to you?

Just Suggestin'

Sorry Gene!
The templates are perfect! It's just me being too slow with the build!
I have a friend who will lend me a ghetto-style 2x12 cabinet with v30s in a couple of weeks, but I need to finish the attenuator first anyway.

Good work!

There’s far too many cycles on screen to get good resolution. I suggest to adjust the scope controls to just display a few cycles. That should allow better assessment of the finer details.

You are right, I'll take different signal samples with a more favorable resolution on the time axis.
The scope also has image capture on a USB stick, but I was in a hurry so I just took pictures with the phone.

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