DSL40 CR - Alternative Footswitches


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Apr 7, 2020
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the Burgh
Any alternatives to the huge 6 button footswitch, possibly using midi but may not be good for someone who is digitally challenged, thanks
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The standard footswitch that comes stock with the DSL40CR is the 2-button PEDL-90012.
It just does channel and fx loop.


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Oct 28, 2018
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In this recent thread a guy uses a Disaster Area MIDI Baby 3-switch pedal to control his 40CR (post #34 onwards).
It is seemingly a doddle to program them by USB and you can select PC# & multiple CC#s for each switch.
They are relatively expensive compared to the 91016, and the larger multi-button pedals even more so.
By the time you've reached that level of expense you might as well get a 2nd hand multi-effect.

The HoTone Ampero Control looks like it could be a good bet though.
4 programmable switches in a compact form, and jacks to add more outboard CTL switches.

I use a Boss GT-100, which works well, and I get to insert various effects (like a decent reverb!) in a 4CM MIDI setup.
The main limitation of the GT-100 though is the rigid sequence of PC#s.
So, in each 4-preset bank of user patches I have to have all four of the 40CR channel modes.

If I could choose again, I would probably get a Boss MS-3.
Based on a simplified GT-100 effects, but smaller, with two jacks for four outboard CTLs or two EXPs.
A big plus is that you can select PC#s sent for each patch, i.e., 40CR channel modes.
But you lose Amp & Cab Sims, the EXP pedal, Looper, and onboard CTLs.
It also has three FX loops for 4CM and inserting other pedals you might own, but these remain grouped together in the chain.
All programmable with the MS-3 Editor PC app via USB.
@FracStrat is your man for more info on the Boss effect switcher lineup.
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Tom Arbogast

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Jan 3, 2022
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I use a Source Audio Soleman for MIDI switching on my pedalboard and channel switching on my DSL40CR. Works great and is very flexible.

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