Can anyone eyeball this for a nube?

Dec 24, 2020
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Hello, received this Model year 2004 JCM 2000 DSL 50 the other day. I previously posted that there were tears and holes in the shipping box. The amp was quite dusty. From riding around on dirt roads in the back of the UPS truck.

Today, I gently wiped down the chassis with a microfiber towel, then blew out with canned air.

According to the seller, the previous owner had a ‘bias fail safe’ mod installed.

I took pictures of the boards after cleaning the chassis.

Can someone with more experience look at the pictures and tell me if my concerns are anything to worry about please?

1. There is a fuse missing in the F4 slot. a. Normal? b. Never installed to start with, may be a DSL 100 requirement? c. Part of the bias mod?

2. Several of the electrolytic caps are bent over, but seem secure. Do not want to straighten them and perhaps break a solder joint. a. Fix? b. Don’t worry?

The amp powers up and sounds fine. No hum, hiss, crackles...

Thanks for looking at the pictures and advice in advance.

Thank you. A1284900-5457-4D7F-B48C-8E3D52C66184.jpeg B7A95916-5F88-4E67-BA71-16C0C5D78228.jpeg 79B2EAC5-8EAA-42AA-B849-1855745B3123.jpeg DB02B26A-E279-4FE0-B39A-6BAED234AD99.jpeg F4E01E78-AB18-44A6-AA5A-860EFDD49F26.jpeg 9EA639CF-81AC-4EC2-8792-FB3F4064DDB9.jpeg D433F28B-6FD5-47D3-81EA-72695C5FDF59.jpeg 6DDFF92E-6E8D-4F50-8B3B-29DB1E0F0A35.jpeg


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Nov 8, 2021
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On these amps the heaters on the el34
are fused separately, since you have the
50 watt its normal that fuses are missing,
they use the same board on 50s and 100s.

2nd i cannot detect any bias-mod on the

3rd dont worry about little crooked capacitors,
its a mass produced amp. Dont try to straighten

If it sounds good and is proper loud then
your amp should be fine.

Check the bias from time to time, if it holds
steady within 3 to 5 mv at idle then youre