Bought IK multimedia TONEX MAXX and am in the process of profiling a few of my favorite Marshall amps


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Mar 21, 2022
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I bought TONEX MAXX recently and Have profiled my SV20 in a few different flavours. My '78 JMP MKII 2203
and my JTM60.
It is spookily accurate! If I AB them with my actual amps it is literally indistinguishable.
I didn't buy the companion profiling hardware they use as I use a two notes capture to sent the amp signal to my Eleven Rack which I use as the Re-Amping tool.
It works brilliantly.
If any of you in Marshall Forum land Decide to buy TONEX you can get my profiles as I don't sell them but give them away.
Today I may get around to profiling my DSL 40 and My JCM 600 (the 2x12 version of my JTM 60 but seems to be voiced differently than the JTM).
It is a VERY cool profiling program and if you look at a few youtube vids on it you'll see how well it stacks up against Kemper and Neural.

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