2005 MG series mini stack cabinet conversion and makeover


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Nov 15, 2010
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Pembroke Pines, Florida
I picked up an advertised as broken 2005 MG series mini stack from Offer Up. I bought it because it was $20. The logos alone are worth more than that. I decided to convert the 10 “ speakers to 12” speakers. I had a couple of speakers laying around so I figured lets see what happens. While I was at it I stripped off the old black tolex and replaces it with white. I replaced the black grill cloth with oxblood color grill cloth. I used black piping in place of the white. While I was at it I put tolex on the back and added 4 1.5” ports. I got cable management grommets to finish off the ports. It sounds great. Here are some pics of the finished b cabinet. I will finish the A cabinet shortly. I am going to use the mini stack with my Haze 40 that I recently made a headshell for.


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