1980 Stock Les Paul Custom One Piece Maple Cap


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Nov 17, 2009
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Yeah man, I appreciate that. I'm already able to play, it being my picking hand but the left hand will be the test. I think it will take me a while to be able to put that kind of pressure on it making chords and stuff. I had to get a skin graft on the right and that's really fragile. I'm hoping I don't have to go that far on my left hand but he probably will because it's gotten as far as my thumb on that hand so that means he has to
make an extra incision going to the thumb. It was worse on my fingers on my right hand but didn't get my thumb. He wasn't too encouraging when he talked to me about the left hand as he said it would be a challenge for him. Even though it only mostly affected the pinky and the thumb he said I let it go to long and it was the worst case he's ever seen. Not what I was wanting to hear but he's good. He's only about 30 yrs old and he already doing surgery but I was impressed with the job he did on my right hand so we shall see. All I can do is be optimistic.

Great looking LP there David!!

Good to see ripping up again !
The guitar is awesome !
I really wish I had bought a custom in the 80’s

Thank you very much gentlemen.



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Jan 3, 2014
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Humboldt County, CA
I don't NEED another guitar but every time I see a Custom Les Paul (especially a black one) I get tremendous G.A.S.


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