1. Antônio S

    Slash AFD100 boutique amp (#34 and #36/39 in one amp)

    Hello guys. All right with you? Hope everything is great. My name is Antônio and I live in Brazil and like you, I'm passionate about vintage electronics and tube amplifiers. I'm still at a low level of knowledge about amplifiers, but I've studied and already understand some things. The reason...
  2. Marshall50w

    Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

    I play the main guitar parts on this classic set to a 'music video'. If you have time to watch, hope you enjoy !
  3. Marshall50w

    Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

    My cover of this classic using my Gibson R9 Cherryburst. Hope you enjoy !
  4. T

    Marshall SL-5 - Tubes

    I own a Marshall SL5, does anyone have any recommendations of tubes I could install? Can the El34 be replaced with something like a 6550 and does it enhance the sound?
  5. david woods

    Ok Guys, big statement... but I think I have gotten the Sweet Child O Mine Tone NAILED.

    I'm aware that this is a big statement but please bear with me! :drool: I spent an hour dialing it in, Also if you're interested I did post a 'Slash inspired Godfather Solo' - its not as close in tone to the above though!
  6. Eddylenz

    Marshall JMP 2203 with SIR/Levi #34/36 Mod + 6550s

    Hi Everyone, Pretty much finished another amp. This was a fun one, #34 and #36 Mods + Tube FX loop. This is my first time putting the #36 in an old Marshall and I really like how it turned out. It's also the first time that I tried the #36 with 6550s, which IMO have tighter bass and are overall...
  7. Eddylenz

    Slash S.I.R. #34/#36 Mods in a Marshall 1959HW

    Hi Everyone, It's been a while... I just finished up this amp for a guy from Poland, it's a Marshall 1959HW with my #34/36 Mod. The amp turned out great and is extremely fun to play... I could play that Rocket Queen riff all day long haha. Tomorrow, I can try the amp with a Les Paul and maybe...
  8. C

    Marshall SL5 (5W tube amp)

    Hi, I have two amps, one is a Marshall SL5 5W tube amp and the other is a Peavey Bandit Red Stripe solid state amp (65W). I was wondering if anybody has tried using two such amps in parallel and if you could share what your rig looks like, it would be much appreciated. I understand I need...
  9. JCMRobbo

    Can you do a Slash MOD on a JCM900??

    Hello all! this is my first post. I have a 96 JCM900 and I was wondering if it was possible to Slash Mod it to get that AFD/UYI attacky sort of tone.. you know the one. I love my JCM 900 sound already but I've found turning down the gain and really attacking the strings it gives me ALMOST that...
  10. Eddylenz

    SIR #34 and #36 Frank Levi Mods in one Amp

    Hey Guys, I've been trying to get the real #34 and #36 specs for a long time. After trying the mods several times, I thought I just couldn't make #36 sound right. #34 always sounded great, as there's also a "correct" schematic that Santiago drew up after looking at Slash's real #34 amp, but...
  11. Del Rei

    Slash Silver Jubilee and Appetite Marshall mod...

    Hey, guys! This is a fantastic video about Slash recording process, using Marshall AFD amp. Everyone here should watch it! :) At 01:13 Eric start talking about the modded Marshall Slash used at Appetite album. Them, he says the guys who modded the amp is now making his own amps. Does anyone...
  12. T

    Newb Intro And Sl5 Digital Reverb Problem

    Hi all, greetings from Sheffield, UK. I'm new to this forum so here's a bit about myself. Guitarist for c. 30 years, grew up on a musical diet of Zeppelin, Priest, Lizzy, Scorpions, GNR, UFO and all things Schenker etc, now enjoying new generation metallers, Katatonia, If These Trees Could Talk...
  13. J

    Recordng With The Blackstar Ht R1 Combo

    I love my Marsalls. But for recording direct the BlackStar HT 1 is awesome. Nothng out there quite like it. Here is a video
  14. K

    Afd100 And 1960a + 1936 Cab

    Hi Guys, I own an afd100. I usually connect it to my 4x12 1960a. I use the 16 ohm in mono on the cab connected to the 1X16 on the AMP. I just purchased a 1936 2X12. I am not 100% sure, but I think I am supposed to connect the 1X8ohm of the amp to the mono input (right) of the cab. Can I still...
  15. Marshallow

    Slash Using Plexis For This Tour?

    I just saw footage of the kickoff show for GNR's summer tour and Slash's backline looks very Plexi to me. Anyone knows what's going on there? It might be just for show with a rack behind but that would be unusual for him. His tone is really good there.
  16. Calzo Houdini

    1996 Marshall Jcm 2555sl Slash Signature Head & Matching Av Cab - Based In Uk

    I have for sale a highly collectible 1996 Marshall Slash Signature JCM 2555SL (basically a reissue of a silver jubilee with Slash's name on it) Serial No. 96S122714. There were only 3000 of these models made which sounds a lot but considering the number of Slash fans worldwide, it's a fairly...
  17. Tezio

    Problems With Modded Laney Aor Pro Tube 50. Series Ii

    Hi I have bought this amp for cheap price, I was searching for an 80's hard 'n' heavy sound like George Lynch of Dokken, Paul Gilbert in Racer X, Warren De Martini of Ratt or Skid Row's guitars, and I have found this first '90 Laney AOR PT50 II modded with AFD#34 #36 #39 Caswell. I know that...