silver jubilee

  1. david woods

    Its been a Year and a Half in the Making- I Present the Closest I can Emulate Slash

    As the title says, I have spent a year and a half saving for the right amp, (Silver Jubilee) Pedals (MXR EQ and Q Zone etc) Guitar (Slash Signature) Pickups (Slash Signature), microphones and settings to record the following. This is 100% his current live setup rig (granted without the amp...
  2. tarznamps

    NAD: First new Marshall in 6 years....Original 1987 Silver Jubilee!

    Wow, it's been 6 years since I have found a new (to me) Marshall amp that I wanted. It's also been 4 years since I've been on the forum - it's good to be back. So I finally got one of my bucket list original 1987 50w 2550 Silver Jubilee. It's in really good shape with very little gig...
  3. I

    Marshall 2525c Attenuator recommendations

    I just ordered a Marshall Silver mini Jubilee 2525c combo and was looking into getting an attenuator but kinda lost as to which one to get and which one would be compatible. Ive been using a JHS Little Black Box for my current amp (DSL1CR) but definitely want to upgrade from that for the 2525c...
  4. B

    So this happened today...

    For the last few weeks when I've cranked my 2555x (using a Power Station to attenuate) I've noticed a strong burning smell. Thought it was just leads etc getting hot but today my amp suddenly cut out while playing. I took the back off to see what was up with it. Went to remove a guilty looking...
  5. Mitchell Iglesias

    Silver Jubilee alnico creams

    Greetings! Waiting on the arrival of a 100 watt silver jubilee and I would like to pair it with a 2x12 closed back Mesa cab loaded with alnico creams for 180watts at 16 ohms. What say you? The option exists to run it open back as well…
  6. CbusBrian

    2525H Conversion from European voltage

    Hello everyone I’m thinking of getting a second mini jubilee for an amazing price but it’s set up to run on 230V instead of the US 120V. I know I can get a converter but is it possible to replace the Power Transformer in the amp or another “mod” to use it on US voltage? Thank you in advance Brian
  7. K

    WTB Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee Faceplate

    Hi all, I'm new here so I hope I've put this in the right place! I have a 1987 2550 (50W version) Silver Jubilee head that I would like to get a new faceplate for. I have noticed the writing rubs off the chrome plate very easily and would like to preserve my original faceplate and put a new one...
  8. B

    20 watt combo shootout… help…

    Hello, I, well actually my son (he’s 14), is looking for a 20 watt combo amp. Something that will hold its own in a small venue but not obnoxiously loud and/or heavy. I bought an origin 20, but he/we like something a little more gain-y and even with pedals, that 10” speaker lacks ballz. That...
  9. david woods

    Ok Guys, big statement... but I think I have gotten the Sweet Child O Mine Tone NAILED.

    I'm aware that this is a big statement but please bear with me! :drool: I spent an hour dialing it in, Also if you're interested I did post a 'Slash inspired Godfather Solo' - its not as close in tone to the above though!
  10. E

    I have Silver Jubilee 2525h. Update to 2555x?

    Hi to everyone One year ago I bought a Marshall Mini Silver Jubile 2525 Header with 20 watts. I plug it on a Marshall Cabinet 4x12 1960AV I'm very (VERY) happy with the sound that I get with this. Is the "sound" that I searching for (John Frusciante, Slash, Bonamassa, Clapton, Mayer...). I...
  11. BatteredJMP

    Fleetwood Mac and Silver Jubilee

    Hi all, a bit of a weird long shot question. Years ago (2012?) I bought a Silver Jubilee combo from a guy in Wimbledon. As I was leaving his place he casually dropped into conversation that the amp used to belong to 'that guy from Fleetwood Mac, not LB but one of the British ones'. Now, this...
  12. david woods

    Oh my sweet Silver Jubilee

    Hey guys, So I’ve had the Jubilee for a month or two now and wanted to drop by and post a sample of the tone I’m getting from it. To say I’m delighted is an understatement! the community here is just Fing awesome - I like to stay in touch. just awaiting my slash sig amber burst to complete...
  13. david woods

    Well boys... you were right. Just got the Silver Jubilee and I’m in love.

    Thank you for all your guidance, to christen it I played SCOM of course!! :) not sure if I can post the link but I’ll try
  14. K

    Silver Jubilee Reissue with fuzz

    Hey all, bought a second hand Silver Jubilee reissue some time ago, like really the cleans and crunch the amp provides. BUT! I tried a number of fuzz pedals into the amp and to be honest... they sound fairly tin and choked. I run the amp on the lead channel with a bit of crunch/gain. Doing...
  15. SPC91

    Silver Jubilee owners. What are favorite speakers to pair with your Silver Jubilee?

    This question goes for anyone that owns one of the original amps from 1987, the 100 watt reissue from 2015, or one of the Mini Jubilee amps(2525C and 2525H). I know the older cabs from 1987 came with either G12-75’s or V30s and the 20 watt combo comes with a Greenback, but what is your favorite...
  16. Ikaros

    Opinions On A Jube 2555x Through 1 Creamback.. (?)

    Hello everyone!! First of all I'd like to apologise in advance if this is gonna be a stupid question, but I'm a total newbie with amps, so I'm looking for opinions/advice from you guys who know better :) To the point... I've got a DSL15c with a 65w Creamback in it. I really like it now (in...
  17. A

    1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555 Model (problem Solved)

    Hey guys, I'm following this forum since many months and now I have the first questions I can't answer myself just by searching the forum. I have the following questions about the model metioned above: Where there different back panels? I've found two different: Is it right, that the...
  18. 6StringStewie

    Need Info On Marshall Lead 12 Silver Jubilee

    I came across a Lead 12 Silver Jubilee stack and am looking for some info. I haven't been able to locate a dedicated Marshall webpage on the amp. Aside from the silver tolex and silver face plate, were there any differences between a Silver Jubilee and the other Lead 12's? Were there any...
  19. F

    Wtb: Silver Jubilee 1x12 Cab Vintage Or Modern

    Looking to buy a silver 1x12 cab and I'm happy to consider a modern one (1912VS) or a vintage one. I'm based in Ireland but can collect in UK or happy to pay for shipping if it doesn't break the bank! Cheers.