1. D

    Does it look like fake ECC83 / 12AX7 Mullards?

    I bought this tube as NOS mullard from Holland. Putted it in v1 of a vintage marshall and played for a while. Turned the amp off and some time later i noticed only this specific tube was simply looking different, it was white instead of black, and upon checking i realized it was just broke near...
  2. Doctor_Zoidberg


    Might be of use to someone chasing old valves.... In fact there's more than enough interesting stuff (for those with an interest in that type of thing) under each tab to keep you amused for ages. Enjoy...
  3. Dwayne Eash

    Favorite preamp tubes for JCM 800

    So far for new production, I like mullard MU12AX7, but it's not quite high enough gain. I'm lacking singing sustain in my JCM 800 4010 combo with vertical inputs, no diode clipping, no channel switching. Seeking suggestions for slightly higher gain preamp tubes. Thanks!
  4. grainman

    New Mullard 12ax7

    full sounding....if you like that bell tone try one in v1 and v2 and a jj ecc83 in the pi...i think they add headroom and are great with pedals...not a hi gain tube ..but with a good these tubes are cool.
  5. grainman

    Tung-sol El34's .. The Best New El??

    when i purchased my new plexi they came stock with the amp...i was ridding a caddilac with these in...smooth and very musical..i had to change for svetlana's, electro harmonix etc for some electronic reasons...and now im with jj wich are ok .. but i dont have the tung sol's u guys try...
  6. joshuaaewallen

    For Sale: Preamp Tubes New & Vintage

    I've got a variety of great sounding preamp tubes available for anyone interested. Whether you wanna make your stock Marshall roar even more, give it a tad more chime, or smooth out some fizz, your preampsection is a simple and fun way to start experimenting. The tubes I have for sale are all...

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