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  1. Antônio S

    Slash AFD100 boutique amp (#34 and #36/39 in one amp)

    Hello guys. All right with you? Hope everything is great. My name is Antônio and I live in Brazil and like you, I'm passionate about vintage electronics and tube amplifiers. I'm still at a low level of knowledge about amplifiers, but I've studied and already understand some things. The reason...
  2. F

    '77 JMP with Frank Levi mod no sound, hot cap

    Hi guys. I have a JMP I bought early '90's. Seller said it was modded by Frank Levi and actually supplied his contact info. I didn't know who Frank Levi was at the time, but the amp sounded great and I bought it. I've replaced tubes and filter caps over the years. I also added the no loss...
  3. Eddylenz

    SIR #34 and #36 Frank Levi Mods in one Amp

    Hey Guys, I've been trying to get the real #34 and #36 specs for a long time. After trying the mods several times, I thought I just couldn't make #36 sound right. #34 always sounded great, as there's also a "correct" schematic that Santiago drew up after looking at Slash's real #34 amp, but...

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