1. ELS

    Did some bassmans have POSITIVE feedback?

    I was researching the bassman when I thought I didn't really have it sounding how I thought it needed to sound. and realized, in some amps the plate wires on the output tubes are connected backwards, but the output connections stay the same. particularly in Johan Segeborn's video: here's some...
  2. Chris-in-LA

    Power Transformer Questions

    I recently built the Mojotone Bassman kit. It uses their Mojo752ex PT. Their wiring diagram shows 355v at each of the red wires that go to the rectifier socket. I think that my PT is possibly much too hot. The b+ is reading at almost 460vdc while the amp is running. But I blew 2 500v filter caps...
  3. Chris-in-LA

    5F6-A 2204 Build

    I got the itch reading the recent build threads and I couldn’t resist. I was thinking about building a 4x10 cab but decided to add a little more money and ordered a Bassman kit from Mojotone, speakers from Weber. Since I already have a number of amps without a master volume and really can’t play...
  4. Chris-in-LA

    Is It Possible....

    I’m sure that it’s possible, but what would it take to build a 5f6a Bassman with a cascaded front end like a 2204?
  5. liontato

    Check Out My Band At Hoosier Park Casino.

    We play 50-60’s Rock and roll. 72 Bassman changed to blonde Bassman 6g6b spec’s in both channels. Use a A/B switch. One side is rhythm and the other lead. TS808HW is the lead. Tumnus OD is the rhythm.

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