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  1. paul-e-mann

    Need 5E3 Build Troubleshooting Help

    The 4.7K 2W resistor started to smoke on first fire up of the amp and I need some troubleshooting help. I pulled the resistor its a little burned on the outside but it measures correctly at 4.7K so I dont think the resistor was the problem, I'll order a new one any way since its burned. So I'm...
  2. paul-e-mann

    Transformer Wire Id

    Appreciate some help figuring out the wiring for these transformers in a kit I'm building. Here are the transformers and schematic I dont know how to read, plus a Mojo layout I'm following. This is not a Mojo kit so the transformer wires are different colors than the layout. First time I'm doing...
  3. scott-colorado2016

    Monotone Studio One

    I've seen some of the old threads on this amp on several forums, but wanted to see if anyone has built the amp kit and still has it and play through it. If you don't know, this is touted as a 1 watt, JCM800 style (preamp), 2 channel amp. It is sold in a kit by Mojotone for less than $350...
  4. S

    JMP 2204/JCM800 2204 questions

    Hey guys! I'm quite new to amp building and when looking for some kits that interest me a ran across the 2204's. Being new I was looking at some kits (specifically from Ceriatone and the Metro kits offered at Valvestorm) and found a few things that confused me. I can't post links so to find...
  5. Chris-in-LA

    Recommend A Small Box 2204 Kit

    I tried searching the forum for this but couldn’t find anything. I’m looking to build a a 2204 clone that can fit into a 1987 plexi type box. I would prefer to buy one with a steel chassis if possible. I do see that Modulus May have such a kit but I’m not sure about having gear shipped from...
  6. Chris-in-LA

    Mojotone British 800 Build

    I’ve got this Mojotone kit on order and have been comparing different schematics and wiring diagrams ever since. I did a search of the forum and couldn’t find any specific mentions for this amp kit. I have noticed a few differences between kits but nothing major. One larger exception i noticed...
  7. paul-e-mann

    Interesting Looking Kit - Mojotone Studio 1

    Has anybody seen this? Originally I was interested in the JVM1 but the clean channel was too clean to get any grit. This Mojotone is a 1 watt kit with 2 foot switchable channels, the clean channel can be dialed to get some grit in your tone and the dirty channel can be dialed any way you want...

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