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  1. crossy67

    Leon Todd JVM review.

    I would have to completely agree with you on this and that’s with any amp! I dunno if there’s something going on with his whole setup or he’s lost a bit of hearing or what but somethings a little off! I’ve heard every amp sound so much better, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe it sounds great in...
  2. crossy67

    US prices so high compared to EU.

    They’re only $1500 in Oz and as most know American $ much stronger so very strange indeed … i would have thought they’d be around $1000 in the states. Is it a typo?
  3. crossy67

    NGD: 1998 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    That’s awesome man! Great era...I have an 01’ Standard, awesome guitar. Enjoy :)
  4. crossy67

    Long speaker cables?

    Awesome, hard to find here in OZ. So ok to run one short and one long ? Or both the same?
  5. crossy67

    Long speaker cables?

    I run 2 cabinets but want to run one of the cabinets on other side of room but it’s not a big room, but may need a cable at least 20ft! Is it first of all ok to do this and secondly are they available to buy? I see some guys run cabinets in different rooms for recording loud amps etc. thanks
  6. crossy67

    Marshall Reissues new FX Loop Upgrade!

    Sounds great Jas! My 1987x has a great loop, I can’t hear any tone suck whatsoever, very transparent. On the other hand i did have a studio classic for a short time and the loop on that sucked big time, so much so I got rid of it...
  7. crossy67

    Speaker/cab choice for jvm 210

    Greenbacks are great, very crunchy warm speakers with plenty of mids though! Depends what music you play also, maybe even try the standard Marshall cabs with 75’s or get an older one. I use a combination of both for classic/hardrock, they compliment each other great. If I had to use one it’d be...
  8. crossy67

    Neck pup replacement for 80’s Charvel

    It’s an 89’ model 3 with HSS configuration and the pickup is the stock Jackson J-100. Also when I go to raise it to get a little more output all it is doing is undoing the cover not raising it any!
  9. crossy67

    Neck pup replacement for 80’s Charvel

    Yeah the first thing I did
  10. crossy67

    Neck pup replacement for 80’s Charvel

    Hey guys looking to replace the single coil neck pup for a humbucker that fits without modding in my late 80’s Charvel. What are the best options? I play classic/hardrock and don’t like the single coil in there atm, it’s so weak sounding especially for leads! Thanks
  11. crossy67


    Picked up a used 1960B with the ubiquitous 75’s! I did have an older 1960a cab with the 75’s that I never really liked but thought I’d give them another go. Man this cab has really surprised me, it sounds great through both of my heads...a 1987x and 900DR 4500. I have a 1960ax and both heads...
  12. crossy67

    Cab query?

    Here’s the last pic so definitely not empty. No more information (that’s why I’m here) only that’s it’s advertised as a 1960B. Not trying to determine value just trying to determine what model it is with what speakers? I’m guessing the id plate has fallen off or did this model come without.
  13. crossy67

    Cab query?

    I can’t, it’s 2 states away. If it’s original what speakers are likely to be in it? Im guessing the small single input might give the year away to the knowledgeable and also the speakers perhaps...
  14. crossy67

    Cab query?

    Hey guys can you help me out with this 1960b cabinet? What speakers are in it? What year etc.
  15. crossy67

    Jcm 900 effects loop boost issue!

    Hey guys I’m wondering what you guys use as a solo boost in the loops of your 900’s? DR to be more specific. I’m using an ep boost and it seems to work initially and then after a short time volume drops considerably to almost nothing! Loop level is at minimum (all the way to right) which I’m...
  16. crossy67

    Uk G12t-75 Vs China G12t-75... Not The Same Speaker!

    I’ve had both UK and Chinese 75’s and yes there is slight differences but not night and day imo. To me they’re still a scooped muddy mess next to Greenbacks! I’ve had 3 cabs with 75’s and don’t hate them but I just think there’s better speakers out there. Even on their own with every head I’ve...
  17. crossy67

    JCM800 cab question?

    Now that makes sense, so sticker has probably fallen off? But why specifically for Canadian market? This one is in Australia! Any tonal differences between 16 and 8ohm? Thanks
  18. crossy67

    JCM800 cab question?

    I put the link in a previous comment for people to look can’t quite read the plate in the photos but I asked and he said it’s 16ohm! It would have to be an 8ohm cab with 4 8ohm speakers wouldn’t it? How could it be anything else?
  19. crossy67

    JCM800 cab question?

    Thanks man so it’s definitely an 8ohm cab then and the plate on the back is wrong? Did Marshall make many with 8ohms?
  20. crossy67

    JCM800 cab question?

    Here’s link

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