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  1. Buc McMaster

    Any fellow Telecaster fans here?

    Yep......Telecaster. Watched a documentary called Songbirds about a music museum in Chattanooga, Tennessee and one of the people interviewed said something to the the effect of "Leo got it right the first time", noting how Gibson's Les Paul took 4-5 revisions and about 6 years to become what we...
  2. Buc McMaster

    The fishing thread

    Love living on the coast! An early morning redfish on the rocks of Galveston Island, a three block bicycle ride from the house........
  3. Buc McMaster

    The sun returns........

    Day after day of overcast and rain, intermittent heavy thunderstorms and generally gloomy weather tends to dampen ones' outlook. But then the sun makes an appearance and all the world seems right once more...........
  4. Buc McMaster

    Leather guitar straps - whats your favorite model? And why, add link

    Leather is just the right stuff for slinging a guitar. I prefer a fixed length strap with no metal and this one from Sully is my all-time favorite, made from vintage harness leather, hand sewn and rugged with a suede backing on the shoulder piece for no-slip. Works perfectly with my Telecaster...
  5. Buc McMaster

    1974X Tremolo Issue

    Well, it appears this is not a common issue that has a common solution. I am not an amp tech by any stretch but I will point out these 'maybe-s' to the tech I use. Any other shots in the dark to pass along?
  6. Buc McMaster

    Who else is over straplocks?

    Have not ever and will not ever use strap locks of any kind. I prefer stock buttons and a solid leather strap. When picking up a strapped guitar to play, I always check the rear button.......this is most often when the strap gets a twist that can cause a fall. Not dropped an instrument in 50+...
  7. Buc McMaster

    1974X Tremolo Issue

    Indeed they do. It's a hand wired reissue of the model 1974, an 18W, 1x12 combo that was built for a couple of years in the late 60s. This particular one is a first-year production of the 1974X from 2004.
  8. Buc McMaster

    1974X Tremolo Issue

    The tremolo in my 1974X acts weird. Sometimes it engages immediately upon hitting the footswitch, other times it comes in 3-5 seconds after hitting the switch. Might work just fine for several days and then go into the delayed mode for a couple days. Sounds very good, no other issues with the...
  9. Buc McMaster

    NGD: Gibson CS Historic R4

    Good picture! You make that Les Paul look kinda small.............
  10. Buc McMaster

    NGD: Gibson CS Historic R4

    Well, thanks.....and I agree. There's a little of the typical single coil racket but not at any annoying level. I crank the 1974X to stage volume, for short periods so as not to assault the neighborhood......pickup noise is minimal. There's still a mid-range hump, which seems typical of the...
  11. Buc McMaster

    NGD: Gibson CS Historic R4

    Desirable for some, not so much for others (like any other particular guitar you could name). For me it's the P90 pickups and the wrap tailpiece. I don't care for the 'girth' of a humbucker tone......too fat and undefined for my ears. P90s have a lot of muscle yet retain a lot of clarity...
  12. Buc McMaster

    NGD: Gibson CS Historic R4

    Thanks, folks! It's a great player. I prefer .009 and have tried a set of Pyramid Classics HP with good success (my string for the Telecaster). Tonight I strung it with a set of NYXL and think I might like these better on this instrument. Installed a MojoAxe compensated...
  13. Buc McMaster

    NGD: Gibson CS Historic R4

    Traded a Fender CS '57 Stratocaster for this R4 gold top and, I must say........."Good call!" I've never been a fan of humbuckers in any guitar so the dual P90 configuration was appealing and the wrap around tailpiece was the clincher. Very impressed with the fit & finish. I good contrasting...
  14. Buc McMaster

    Is my Les Paul bridge Chrome or Nickle?

    Appears to be chrome but tough to be sure in photos. Chrome has a bluish overcast in while nickel highlights are yellow. If you know for certain the neck pickup is nickel there should be an obvious difference between it and the rest of the hardware.
  15. Buc McMaster

    Plugging straight into the Origin 20

    I too plug straight in to my ORI20C and bask in the glory of old school guitar/amp tone. I do have a few pedals that I occasionally fiddle with but before an hour has passed they're back on the shelf.........none of them add anything I require. Hurrah for tube tone!
  16. Buc McMaster

    Back home again............

    My Collings Statesman has been on consignment for the last six months at a friend's music takers, so I brought it home yesterday. A very good contrast of tone between this and my Telecaster and both just sound terrific through the ORI20C (speaker upgraded to a Celestion...
  17. Buc McMaster

    Show me your Telecasters

  18. Buc McMaster

    Origin 20 - Two Questions (Updated - NAD!)

    My Marshall journey began in the very early 70s and I certainly trust these old ears. Viva la difference!
  19. Buc McMaster

    Searching for a Marshall Major

    Like this? Marshall Major I see a half dozen or so on Reverb..........
  20. Buc McMaster

    in a dilemma ... need some advice, urgently

    There is no guilt in being true to oneself........the only expectations one need live up to are their own. Falling short of the expectations of others should be of no consequence and should never enter into ones' decision making.

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