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  1. Trelwheen

    predictions for 2023 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominees

    HOF has been a joke for years. Hollywood has recently followed suit. Piss on em. I'm going to like what I want to like, as always. How about some enterprising young entrepreneurs coming up with a whole new Hall of Fame with a little authenticity? Same for the motion picture academy
  2. Trelwheen

    Digital currency and the dollar!

    The problem with going cashless in any circumstances is that a government can then freeze your account for any perceived infraction and you have no other form of currency available to you Get vaxxed or we freeze your account Stop voicing your opinion or we freeze your account Join this or...
  3. Trelwheen

    The hype

    Dang, I wouldn't know whether to plug that damn thing in or eat it !! I guess I'll play it safe... Got any napkins?
  4. Trelwheen

    The hype

    In my not so humble but sometimes bumbling, opinionated and heavily biased viewpoint, the only things a 2203/2204 needs to achieve tight, gainy greatness are: • 6550s in the power section • Strong high gain AX7 in V1 (recommend RFT or Mesa SPAX7) • Catalinbread Super Chili Picoso clean boost...
  5. Trelwheen

    This is how you do pizza at a public restaurant

    Why wouldn't one sing at Shakey's? Everybody else did! And where on Earth was the Shakey's with the square Pizza? The one in Shreveport, Looziana made round ones. You could watch them making the pizzas through the big glass windows in the kitchen. They slung them babies way up in the air. P.S...
  6. Trelwheen

    This is how you do pizza at a public restaurant

    So, no one here has mentioned """"SHRIMP PIZZA"""" Is it just a Texas thing?? It's damn sure a GOOD thing, regardless... :drunk: :woot: :headbanger:
  7. Trelwheen

    If you could offer only ONE piece of advice....

    Well, let's examine the current situation. I'll agree that with a simple high quality rig with little to no outboard/analog front end there will be less noise floor to deal with. E-drums and direct recording of electric guitars, etc may present little in the way of extraneous noise. So at the...
  8. Trelwheen

    If you could offer only ONE piece of advice....

    Awhile back, a friend who was just getting into recording asked me what I'd say if I could only give one bit of I told him ... "Boost early, cut late." And by that I meant, get as hot a signal as you reasonably can going in, and cut levels as late in the signal chain as possible...
  9. Trelwheen

    Damn this is one tight sounding snare (Albert King Drifting Blues Live, 1968)

    Nice sounds! The toms sound good too in that context. I think he just has the snare tuned pretty tight and the mics are picking up some nice room reflections. Also the snare is triggering the toms to resonate... he's hitting it pretty hard
  10. Trelwheen

    Best noise gate/suppressor/eliminator etc.... pedal

    I have very simple rigs with usually one or two pedals at the most. So I use a simple noise gate. ISP Deci-Mate ISP Technologies DECI-MATE Micro Noise Reduction Pedal | Sweetwater It does...
  11. Trelwheen

    Chase Tone Secret Preamp

    Supercongrats! :cheers: About 3 months after I posted this thread I got curious and bought an Echoplex EP-3. I had always wanted one anyway. The Chase Tone Secret Preamp does indeed sound almost exactly like the preamp in the Echoplex! I'm not sure what it is that makes these circuits...
  12. Trelwheen

    Zound acquires Marshall
  13. Trelwheen

    Define the "music scene" of today?

    You're right. It's already been destroyed! :drunk:
  14. Trelwheen

    Define the "music scene" of today?

    Social media destroyed art. It's going to destroy the world. Nighty night
  15. Trelwheen

    What computer, interface and DAW are you using to record with?

    Being a solo recordist, I never record more than two tracks at once unless I am recording my drum kit. I track to tape, then send the tracks to a synched pair of Roland VS1824s, which are old standalone 18 track 24/44.1 workstations. I use high-end outboard mic pres, dynamics and EQ, and Apogee...
  16. Trelwheen

    Tell Us About Your Favorite Vocal Recording Signal Chain

    Nice to see some fellow MFers rocking the big guns.. It might not be as unusual as one might think. I try to use the best tools possible in my home studio because, like you said, it's easy to get beautiful sounding tracks and because quality gear and instruments inspire creativity. Apparently...
  17. Trelwheen

    Tell Us About Your Favorite Vocal Recording Signal Chain

    What is your go-to mic for lead vocals? Are you using outboard preamps, Dynamics and/or EQ , or are you an in-the-box aficionado? And what about backing vocals? What do you do with them to make them easily audible while letting the lead vocal shine through? I use outboard gear all the way...
  18. Trelwheen

    What do you feel are some of the best under a thousand condenser microphones for the personal studio recordist?

    There are lots of pretty good LDC mics under a grand: Super Cheap: --- Shure KSM27 - Good workhorse mic, get a pair if you can afford it MXL V69M - A tube mic for $250?? Yep, and boy does it have a lot of color and character. Although I enjoyed one while I had it, it probably would not be...