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  1. TheOtherEric

    Marshall JCM800 2203X vs. Splawn Quick Rod

    I owned a recent Quickrod and found it (like others say) very stiff and non-organic. It sounded huge, percussive, and had immediate response, which are all things I like. But all it wants to do is super clean or high gain. If you play much crunch and low-gain, from early AC/DC up to EVH, then...
  2. TheOtherEric

    Do current Greenbacks sound anything like 60s/70s Greenbacks?

    My current Greenbacks do just a so-so job replicating classic rock sounds from guitarists we know used Greenbacks, like Jimmy Page, Angus/Malcom, etc. But when I plug either of these amps -- a Germino 55LV (1987) or '76/'77 Marshall JMP50 (2204) -- into a 1979 cab with original G12-65 speakers...
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    Germino Lead 55 LV with Sourmash 2061cx; Marshall '76/'77 JMP 50 Master with '79 4x12 / G12-65.
  5. TheOtherEric

    Possible to replace bias caps without soldering on PCB? Or crazy talk?

    Since I had no reason to think the bias caps need replacing (other than age), I just let them be. I took everyone's advice and ripped apart some old electronics to practice my PCB soldering, and found it to be pretty easy to solder on PCBs cleanly. So yeah that's the way to go. But then...
  6. TheOtherEric

    The particularities about Eddie Van Halen plexi 12301

    I don’t know how you can claim the Bray Coco 50 guts are like the SL68 or Eddie’s amp or anything else, since David Bray sands off all the lettering of his caps. I actually did what you suggest — analyze the circuit of a Coco 50 — but couldn’t conclude much since all the cap values are unknown.
  7. TheOtherEric

    1980 JMP 2203 Price

    I think fairly reasonable, $2,200 to $2,500 depending. There was a minty ‘79 2203 with matching 4x12 cab (well worn, but with G12-65’s) for $3k at a shop outside Chicago and it took him many many months to sell it, despite a nice Reverb listing. Finally just sold it it seems.
  8. TheOtherEric

    NAD: 1976 early production 2204

    Original PT would be Drake 1202-164. That’s what my Nov 1976 2204 has. Obviously check your current PT’s voltage though, because the 1202-164 will be like 370V-390V. I hope yours sounds as good as mine. Mine was converted to cascaded inputs, and is really glorious. I’ve sold several amps...
  9. TheOtherEric

    Possible to replace bias caps without soldering on PCB? Or crazy talk?

    Fair points. I have zero reason to think they need replacing other than simply their age, so perhaps it's wise to just let them be. Thanks for the thoughtful response. And indeed, the fiz cap shown in my pic is from the factory.
  10. TheOtherEric

    Possible to replace bias caps without soldering on PCB? Or crazy talk?

    I'm thinking it would be wise to replace the bias caps on my 50-year-old amp, and am wondering if it's possible to do without soldering directly on the PCB. Perhaps that's a crazy idea, but I really don't want to damage the PCB from a soldering mishap. Seems like you could just snip the old...
  11. Marshall JMP 1987 - '73

    Marshall JMP 1987 - '73

    Marshall JMP 1987 - '73
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  13. TheOtherEric

    Price check aisle #50 w

    As of a couple months ago you’d get $4k in a heartbeat with original iron. So with a replacement transformer, $3500 or more. But the market seems to be suddenly slowing, so who knows. Edit: given that it’s the proper replacement transformer, it shouldn’t take much hit, so I’d say at least $4k...
  14. TheOtherEric

    Ceriatone, Getting close.....

    Yes, P51 is short for Plexi 51 All Access. As for gain, it seems about half the owners say it can’t do EVH and half say it can. Mine couldn’t. Even Nik doesnt recommend it to those seeking the brown sound. I can say for sure it does NOT have the gain as my ‘73 JMP 50, which does a great VH1 at...
  15. TheOtherEric

    Ceriatone, Getting close.....

    Hope you like the AHD! Seems solid. I’m down to one Ceriatone after selling my P51, which just didnt impress me. Lacking in gain (can’t do EVH at all) and lacking clarity compared to my Marshalls (1987 and 2204). Sure is neat in theory though.
  16. TheOtherEric

    Which combo should I get for AC/DC tone?

    That doesn’t surprise me at all that vintage GBs will nail the tone. New ones sure don’t though. I really need to find some vintage GBs. :-(
  17. TheOtherEric

    SOLVED - 1987 farts out when cranked

    The preamp tubes are Groove Tubes GT-7025. Any idea what a '73 was shipped with?
  18. TheOtherEric

    SOLVED - 1987 farts out when cranked

    Holy cow -- you're telling me these are the stock power tubes too! The seller actually told me they are RCA tubes, but I see no indication so assumed he was wrong. But apparently they're indeed RCA, so likely original. Thanks for the info! It does seem like their tube ideas were changing...
  19. TheOtherEric

    SOLVED - 1987 farts out when cranked

    Correct! I wondered too, so I started a thread. They are big bottle Sylvania 6CA7 / EL34 (USA).