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  1. Marcomel79

    Zound acquires Marshall

    Surströmming infused speaker cones being pushed by a superlead. Smell the power!
  2. Marcomel79

    Red Glowing Power Tubes JCM 800 2210

    the ecc83 are preamp tubes, you dont need to swap those. If one or more power tubes are redplating, (glowing red), then take it to a tech.
  3. Marcomel79

    NAD - JMP 2204 from 83.

    You should get a fair amount of distorsion from a cascaded circuit. Maybe have a tech go over the amp, or if you can, do it yourself. Very nice clean looking amp btw. Congrats!!:)
  4. Marcomel79

    JTM50 Build

    Meaning the cap thats being reformed wont be in circuit?
  5. Marcomel79

    JTM50 Build

    Thanks man. I dont have any recording equipment... i tried with my phone a few times but it sounded nothing like in real life so i never bothered posting
  6. Marcomel79

    HELP! Electric Guitar Amp Setup

    Lots of good stuff up here. I believe that a good tone is going to make you want to play more, so maybe upgrade to a good amp/speaker. Good gear holds its value
  7. Marcomel79

    in a dilemma ... need some advice, urgently

    Good for you man. If you ask me, its very strange to ask somebody to spend a lot of money they dont have, and get upset when getting a no. Dont sweat it, its your life, your family, your money, your decision...
  8. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    Oooops i meant 1K😅
  9. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    So if i were to use a 2W 1K to two 5W 470R, would that be ok? The Marstran schematic shows this...🤷🏽‍♂️
  10. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    To be honest im buying some 1K 3W Welwyn resistors from ebay and asked the seller for two 470R 3W and he said hed check. Havent gotten an answer yet... whats the lowest safe wattage i can use for the screens?
  11. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    Ok! Are the 3W green Welwyn ok to use with KT66?
  12. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    Thank you @Pete Farrington and @neikeel , im starting to plan a JTM45 build and want to slowly get the correct parts for it. The Marstran schematic shows the choke before the OT ct, i take thats wrong...
  13. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    @neikeel could i use your expertise on this?
  14. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    Thanks man, did you use the 1K dropping resistor?
  15. Marcomel79

    Jtm45 screen resistors

    What value for KT66? 470R with 1K flying resistor or 1K? Found contrasting opinions after a google search...
  16. Marcomel79

    Any idea who designed the classic Marshall head box?

    I guess it was designed following the radios from 50/60s?
  17. Marcomel79

    Studio JTM ST20h

    I was wondering how much louder the regular jtm45 is compared to a 20W version like a SV... anybody who has both can comment on this?
  18. Marcomel79

    I Found a Mutilated 69 Marshall, is it worth it??

    Man they just went crazy with that silicon. And the brown stuff. Never seen anything like that
  19. Marcomel79

    Top Ten '80s Albums that most influence your guitar playing.

    Slayer- Reign in Blood
  20. Marcomel79

    NAD 1959 SLP

    *Can induce eargasms