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    “like” is the new “um”

    I don't know how old I am either, but... I belong to the Beat generation. (Place Youtube vid here) Also I belong to the Blank generation. (Place Youtube vid here (Richard Hell)) Also: While people worry about the use of fillers and nonsense words such as 'like' the language goes to perdition...
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    Short Clip - St. Paddy's gig Hendrix cover

    Cool. "...too quiet at my end...." Don't worry about that for a recording like this. We don't expect it to be your official live album.
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    The recliner rocker

    McGuffey? That's not very Australian. For me, for my nostalgia in my recliner, it's pure Australian: Cole's Funny Picture Book __ E.W. Cole began a small publishing and second-hand book selling business in 1865, and by 1873 had opened the first incarnation of his book arcade, with the...
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    I thought about it for a few minutes and realised something. I don't know what 'slap bass' refers to. Could be Funk: like Collins, Flea, Victor Wooten. But maybe I should be thinking about eight decades ago: jazz players, rockabilly, maybe even tea-chest bass. Anyway, circling back to Will...
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    I don't know any slap-bass jokes. I wish I did. Can you supply some?
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    Vin, you have gear listed in your signature. I don't think I have ever seen that before today. Not ever. It's clear that we live in topsy-turvey times. Anything is possible.
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    The recliner rocker

    > old people welcome..... Well, okay then,,, My one is extra good because it has heavy-duty wheels with brakes. I suspect it came from a retirement home. There was a time when it had its uses but I have not sat in it for years. By not using it I can pretend that I am not getting older.
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    Show Me Your Riffs

    The beginning sent my mind directly to that place where some of them old-fashioned blues came from. That made want the drums and bass come in and emphasize that groove. Then I stared at the video and reverted to my degenerate hippie nature and just relaxed.
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    Show Me Your Riffs

    That's interesting circles: a lot of different guitar tones and different mixing options all in one piece. I mean there's distinct left and right, distinct forward and background. But I'm not sure why the soundscape is like this: I suspect you have a bigger project in mind.
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    Some Things Are Just Better Than Others

    We never really hear from him.
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    Some Things Are Just Better Than Others

    I like Robbie Robertson. But you have caught me out with Bloomfield. I don't know much about him. I do know that I have heard him very often without noticing his name. Because of your post I listened to Bloomfield playing Hendrix. (It's just a recording of him messing around with Little Wing.)
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    Some Things Are Just Better Than Others

    The Hendrix version is better than any Bob Dylan version. (I like to hear guitar players so an opinion like this should not be unexpected.)
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    Checking in from NYC

    Welcome geek.
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    Hello from Bucks UK

    Welcome Teleskopic.
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    Bon Scott

    I remember that song so clearly. Like it was yesterday. But that was about 50 years ago.
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    Show Me Your Riffs

    It's okay Mitch. The drunker you get the player your guitar.
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    Egg Omelets

    "...the yoke" That's the yoke of oppression. Like 'The Norman Yoke'. We're talking 'bout the yolk of eggy goodness. There's a difference. A small, poultry difference.
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    There'sNo Way There From Here

    Now that I have heard the song and seen the video... The first thing I think of is that the day will come when we will be called to account for the amount of chorus and hair that we used.
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    New to forum, not to Marshalls.

    Welcome G.
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    Best coast Canada

    Welcome Nscard.