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  1. stickyfinger

    Is this guitar legit?

    I always say if they can fake a guitar then they can fake a COA. Those old COA were big and folks probably misplace them easily or toss them out. Lot of guitars from that era for sale done have them.
  2. stickyfinger

    "I would be a better guitar player IF..."

    Didn't have midget hands
  3. stickyfinger

    I Found a Mutilated 69 Marshall, is it worth it??

    If it was a Plexi with perfboard and paxline selectors maybe but a metal panel? Probably better used as a doner amp. Id be worried about the board being conductive after all that goop was applied.
  4. stickyfinger

    Cloning An SV20

    Would a DSl 20 not complement the SV well? Might be a easier option.
  5. stickyfinger

    Cloning An SV20

    The solution to your question is simple. Have the other guitarist buy a SV20 or Build a 72 spec 50 watt (basically what the SV circuit is) and build a attenuator for him. Transformers would be easier to source, actually everything would be easier as its a proven build 🙂
  6. stickyfinger

    Old them for vintage amps!

    My observations of tone is my amps can sound different in the morning vs the afternoon, day to day. The humidity can change the voltage can change and even the slightest change in sting tuning can lead me to hear the best tone ever to huh?
  7. stickyfinger

    Some more 45/100 pictures (Dual OT - one of first made?)

    Interesting resistor value on V1 cathodes
  8. stickyfinger

    Someone’s Honest Opinion (Merren Audio Plexi)

    How do you know Merren built it?
  9. stickyfinger

    WTB Philips Mustard Capacitors

    Since your amp is PCB and fairly priced. The seller above in post 2 I would avoid. He bought the entire stock from a German seller who at one point had 3thousand of those .022 and is reselling them for 2x the price we...
  10. stickyfinger

    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    After more research of thermal paste it does have a life span of about 4 years and that even includes unopened bottles. You need toremove and redo the paste. Theres even a correct way and a wrong way of applying the paste and the correct amount. The only reason I started looking into this is...
  11. stickyfinger

    Simple Attenuators - Design And Testing

    So after watching youtube vids about thermal paste it got me wondering how long is it good for? How often does it need to be redone? Reading the thread some folks think their unit gets too warm and others say theirs are fine. After watching videos of how to apply thermal paste it actualy seems...
  12. stickyfinger

    81 JMP 2204 conversion to EL34

    You lost me. All you need is a schematic.
  13. stickyfinger

    Compared a JVM to my '69 Plexi today

    While I thought it could do a great impersonation of the classic plexi and JCM800 (especially after a few mods) I found that I preferred to play my vintage amps instead. I bought it as a jack of all trades marshall and I needed a loop. Sold it and keped the vintage amps. I also found the JVM...
  14. stickyfinger

    Would you kind folks take a peak at this?

    Worth less than parts cost IMO and even then Id pass on almost all Metro or kit buit amps for sale on Reveb. Not sure what transformers are used. The solder on the pots is poor and just overall looks like the builder doesn't have much experience. I all ways shake my head when Metro kits are...
  15. stickyfinger

    Completed JohnH Attenuators?

    Nice looks very professional! How did you get the vent holes drilled so perfectly?
  16. stickyfinger

    C1999 Dagnall Transformer

    I know 🙂 but your post fit the conversation with William and I perfectly!
  17. stickyfinger

    C1999 Dagnall Transformer

    The Merren chokes I've gotten in the past don't look like that. The plastic support had little ridges in them but always had the cream colored plastic wrap around them. If I get time Ill upload a photo
  18. stickyfinger

    Vintage Marshall prices (as of 2023)

    Id agree that you can't go wrong with any old JMP.
  19. stickyfinger

    C1999 Dagnall Transformer

    Really? Wow I remember last year the wait for my order was the bracket for the choke. It’s just s Hammond..
  20. stickyfinger

    Vintage Marshall prices (as of 2023)

    Mostly correct. Small changes like the Presance cap went from .1uf to .68uf and back to .1uf quite possibly due to speakers available from Celsestion. Some time in the 80s the ,0022 went to .022 and who exactly knows the introduction date of the low volt power transformer

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