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  1. ken361

    Zound acquires Marshall

    I knew something was up with no new amps in over 5 years Jim's passing and prices and the economy they were going down people like me were buying other brands I could be off though.
  2. ken361

    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    I use the Chase Tone also with my amps my EVH loves it 😆
  3. ken361

    The Official Marshall Studio Classic Thread Sc20

    Had a green back I mine no problems it doesn't seem that different from the v type a little less high end though
  4. ken361

    Studio JTM ST20h

    Trans look a bit taller
  5. ken361

    Vintage Modern vs DSL40C

    The blue channel does a good acdc tones the HDM with my EVH guitar does very good van Halen tones. Bias was really easy with a bias probe and set to 48
  6. ken361

    Vintage Modern vs DSL40C

    Are you using the VM with greenbacks?
  7. ken361

    JTM45 vs SV20?

    Try the Hendrix 20!!
  8. ken361

    The Official Marshall Studio Classic Thread Sc20

    My fender deluxe was 1100 US now it's 1600
  9. ken361

    Marshall pedals

    Finally after 5 years a new product maybe a new amp next.
  10. ken361

    Whats going on at Marshall? / Marshall HQ been closed for 2 weeks

    No amps in 5 years just new head phones lol
  11. ken361

    NAD - SV20H!

    I find it just right with green backs. Voltage regulator is nice to have and cheap
  12. ken361

    SV20H Issue

    My PRS HDRX20 doesn't have one.
  13. ken361

    SV20C issue

    White noise is normal though for a plexi though. The hum not so could be a tube. Could try moving them around and see what happens.
  14. ken361

    Poll Vote: Marshall should redesign and reissue JTM60 series

    Jtm 50, anyway Marshall doesn't have any good designers since Steve Dawson has left 😆. He designed the vintage Modern class 5 ,Hendrix stack, think the Astoria also. Nothing new since the Origin.
  15. ken361

    What tubes are you running in your Marshall?

    I have EH 34's in my Studio amps. Smooth breakup!
  16. ken361

    Need a smaller portable VM2266 - suggestions desired!

    I have the 50 watt VM and my newer PRS HRDX20 which is great! I would say its close to the VM on the LDM mode . Basically a JTM and a Super Lead , cranking the master really brings out the gain but its very loud and can still get lower gain tones at low volumes. One of my best amps ever even has...
  17. ken361

    Beck's Setup, Marshall JCM2000 DSL50

    He was using the second generation dsl for a bit also on the green channel
  18. ken361

    Attenuator vs master volume?

    My VM and the EVH 5150 III and PRS HDRX20, SC 20 play decent at low levels but I usually crank them. Old DSL 40 did fine also.
  19. ken361

    JTM45 vs SV20?

    The Hendrix 20 is probably a jtm and a super lead great head!
  20. ken361

    PS Vane tubes ?

    It was just the traditional Chinese plates tubes. Here's the one

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