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  1. rolijen

    1st time out with the 1987x

    Probably not what you want to hear, but… to get in-your-face solo boost with a 1987x, you’ll want to add a re-amper. I use a Boss TAE and it absolutely does the trick, it preserves that righteous, saturated Marshall plexi tone, but adds a footswitchable solo boost, studio quality effects and a...
  2. rolijen

    NAD later today!

    Nice score. Best amp I have is the 1987x. With your TAE, it’s gonna sound heavenly.
  3. rolijen

    1987X and 2203X volume levels

    I love the comment above from Brett336: These are both "Holy Grail" amps. For me, the glory of the 1987x is running the High Treble channel volume at about 3 (10:00). P, B, M, T to suit. With a Strat, the tone is unbelievable. You can ride the volume on the guitar and get so many levels of...
  4. rolijen

    From homeless to tone heaven.

    Inspirational. So happy for you! Welcome to the forum!
  5. rolijen

    SV2OH/SV112 score

    My old Valvestate 112 sounded like dog too. But my SV112 sounds great with a Greenback in it. And, the SV112 is partially open backed (the center third is open). Great sounding 1x12 cab in my experience.
  6. rolijen

    Talk Me Into (or out of) the Boss Waza TAE

    The included IRs are pretty bland but you can store your own IRs in memory and there are some great ones available from many places including Celestion. A little Googling will get you there.
  7. rolijen

    Talk Me Into (or out of) the Boss Waza TAE

    +1 for the TAE. I’ve had one since 2020. It works so well for my needs I decided to get another for another amp. Super progragramable, if you want that, but also super simple to just plug in and rock. Considering all the capabilities built into the TAE—attenuation, re-amping, midi, effects, IRs...
  8. rolijen

    Full circle to the Marshall studios

    Welcome to the forum, Scuba200fr! I've been playing since the 70s and have have many amps. Happily, I'm getting some of the best tones of my life with an SC20H into a greenback-loaded 2x12, a 1987x into a Boss Waza TAE into a Greenback-loaded 1960BX and an SV20 into another Boss Waza TAE into a...
  9. rolijen

    SV/SC 212 vs MX/ORI 212 ??

    My SV212 came with cups. Tip it over and look. If the “feet” on your SC212 are attached with 4 screws and have a threaded hole in the center, those ARE the cups. All you need at this point are the casters. I’m not aware of compatible casters, so I would just grab the Marshalls. They are by far...
  10. rolijen

    SV/SC 212 vs MX/ORI 212 ??

    I’ve read about Home Depot casters being a good option, but I wanted Marshall casters. So I bought 4 Marshall “castors” (be sure to get the ones that come with the mounting cups/feet). At that point it’s easy to unscrew the rubber feet that come on the cab. Next, mark your center points where...
  11. rolijen

    SC20 loop?

    I can handle that! Thank you!
  12. rolijen

    SC20 loop?

    So, the entirety of the mod/upgrade is to replace 3 resistors?
  13. rolijen

    NCD. Marshall SC112 Studio Classic 1x12 Cabinet

    Couldn’t resist this open-box special. Been wanting an SC112 for a while but the prices are getting unreasonably high. Then this popped up at a price I couldn’t pass up. Arrived yesterday and I A/B tested out alongside the G12M25-loaded SV112 I acquired a couple months back also an open box...
  14. rolijen

    SC212 vs MX212AR

    I ordered them from Marshall direct. Way cheaper than Sweetwater or other U.S. based sellers. Order 4 of the individual Caster & Sockets, NOT the 4-pack of casters (the 4-pack doesn’t come with sockets). Installation is pretty easy—drill out holes for the sockets and pilot holes for the...
  15. rolijen

    SC212 vs MX212AR

    Agree. I have both versions and there is little difference unless you’re carting the cabinet around a lot. I started out with an SV212 and put a pair of Greenbacks in it and loved it. I moved the 2 V-Types from the SV212 into the MX212AR. I found that the MX (mdf) cab sounds virtually identical...
  16. rolijen

    Analog man can bite my shiny, metal….

    This is the single best post I’ve seen on the forum in a long time. My next pedal will be the Poopsmith.
  17. rolijen

    1959HW tube failure?

    Boss Waza TAE is not the cause. If not the best, it’s certainly one of the best attenuators/load boxes/re-ampers/audio interfaces/studio effects units currently available. Power tubes take a beating and sometimes tubes will go sooner than expected. I’m sure you know most of this already, but I...
  18. rolijen

    Who here has HAD a “Plexi”…

    Yes, I HAD one when I was just starting out. Then sold it. Then pursued that sound/feel again when I got older. My story begins in late 1977. It was my freshman year in high school and my dad got me my first real amp for my birthday in November of that year. It was a shiny new Twin Reverb. I...
  19. rolijen

    Marshall Power Brake vs. other power attenuators?

    Great YouTuber demo of the TAE
  20. rolijen

    Stewmac Klon Centaur Clone Kit - Ghost Drive - It's really quite good

    Had a chance to demo the Ghost Drive with my 1987x, SC20 and ‘65 Princeton Reverb reissue. With all three amps, the Tone control sounds great and transparent at noon (straight up). With the Fender, the Gain knob is really subtle, clean and transparent boost from 0-5. From 6-10 it starts to add...

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