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  1. LPCustom28

    Evh412 a good pairing with a 1987X

    Haha, just needed some reassurance from the all wise and powerful online forum community 😜, thanks 😅. Have run into too many weird things on my sonic quest lol, that sometimes what should be obvious sometimes doesn’t always yield the results you’d expect (like how quirky and different V30’s can...
  2. LPCustom28

    Evh412 a good pairing with a 1987X

    Looking at possibly scooping up a 1987X, but am curious if it will pair well with my EVH 4x12 (with the evh celestion Heritage GB’s), or if the Marshall GB cabs are a better fit with getting the most out of it? Have a JVM 210 and SC20 that sound great through the EVH, but the 1987 is a...
  3. LPCustom28

    Crunch channel is weak on JVM410H

    Have the 210, and am not crazy about the crunch tones (have heard similar sentiments about the crunch modes on the 410 as well). Not horrible, but leaves a lot to be desired (seems to respond a little better with greenback type speakers). May I ask what speakers you’re running it through?
  4. LPCustom28

    Marshall JVM 2 Series OD1 Approximation

    I have the 210H, and ran into similar sentiments (ultimately came to enjoy it for what it is after spending quite a bit of time with it, and experimenting with speakers-ultimately picked up an EVH cab, and it really made a difference in bringing the classic heavy rock/metal sound out of the 2...
  5. LPCustom28

    New 2203 Reissue vs 2203x

    Lol, it still seems to retain the X badge on the sales description for most authorized dealers, so would imagine the layouts are the same, but as the preceding poster mentioned, who the hell knows now a days 😅😆 (if you dig deeper).
  6. LPCustom28

    Balls transplant (on Studio/Mini series)

    Me on Sweetwater over the last month loitering in the Marshall and Bogner sections 🤪 (even though I’ve been perfectly happy with my SC20, but the disease progresses 😅).
  7. LPCustom28

    NAD - JVM210H ( First 2 weeks impression )

    I have one as well, and yes I’ll admit it’s not as warm as some other similar types of amps (harsh in some instances), to the point where I did almost dump it. What type of cab are you using? One thing that did help me keep it off the chopping block (for the time being lol), after using it with...
  8. LPCustom28

    EVH 2x12 and Marshall Studios

    I have an EVH 4x12 that I run my SC20 (and JVM210) through (also utilize an attenuator as well under certain applications), and I find it compliments both amps very well. The celestion EVH’s (like some other greenback variants) seem a tad warmer and classic (easier to tame), and I’ve come to...
  9. LPCustom28

    Can you get a cheaper price by calling Sweetwater?

    Communicating directly with my SW rep, I got about $300 off an Sc20, and about $250 on a regular evh 4x12, so not horrible (but not like what I’ve gotten in the past lol). Not sure what type of relationship other people have with them specifically, but doesn’t hurt to ask. And like someone else...
  10. LPCustom28

    JCM800 Studio Vs the 50W/100W

    So have had my Sc20 for about 2 weeks, and have been running it through an evh 4x12 with a Rivera rock crusher, and after some extensive time and tweaking, have found some really awesome sounds (main guitars used 2 gibson LP’s). I do agree (like many others have emphasized), even with the added...
  11. LPCustom28

    Issues with my new Victory V4 The Kraken Preamp pedal into fx loop of JVM210

    Yes, I did read through the manual (also watched a YouTube video on their YouTube channel that explains how to hook it up in the loop specifically), so some other strange issue is going on. Left a message with the place I ordered from, and will see what they say.
  12. LPCustom28

    Issues with my new Victory V4 The Kraken Preamp pedal into fx loop of JVM210

    Yes, it’s tube driven, and the power supply is working fine. I tried running it through my orange rockerverb 50 to (both in the loop and the front end), and got a little bit of sound, but it’s so quiet it’s pretty much useless (pedal volumes stop doing anything after where I have them set in the...
  13. LPCustom28

    Issues with my new Victory V4 The Kraken Preamp pedal into fx loop of JVM210

    Recently bought said preamp pedal listed in the description, and have been having issues getting it to work in the fx loop of my JVM. I put it in the Power amp insert/serial loop (which seems appropriate), and I am not getting any sound (on switch for that loop is engaged). I followed the...
  14. LPCustom28

    Speaker/cab choice for jvm 210

    Have been using my jvm 210 (have had a few months) with a engl 2x12 pro with standard V30’s, and though I like the combination for certain things, ultimately there are certain sonic characteristics that could be better/more pleasing (in particular in the gain stages). Tried an external eq to try...
  15. LPCustom28

    Warming up JVM 210 OD channel without mods?

    Just ordered the MXR 10 band. Being a novice when it comes to external eq’s (didn’t want to embarrass myself asking stupid questions lol), in relation to reading the attached eq graph (following option 2 running the pedal in the serial loop), how would I properly set it on the MXR...
  16. LPCustom28

    Warming up JVM 210 OD channel without mods?

    Any specific eq pedal that would be a good fit/appropriate? Seems like the MXR 10 band is quite popular (or the more basic 6 band if I don’t need all of the functionality).
  17. LPCustom28

    Warming up JVM 210 OD channel without mods?

    Thanks, happy to be here :D:woot:(appreciate the input). it’s a 2020 in black (luckily wasn’t a lemon lol, was also nice they brought the ebony boards back and ditched the Richlite).
  18. LPCustom28

    Warming up JVM 210 OD channel without mods?

    So will try and keep the rambling to a minimum (though no promises lol). I bought a Jvm 210 about 2 months ago, after really enjoying my friends 410, but forgoing the 410 because in reality I felt I didn’t need 12 channels (only dwelled on a handful of modes on his)-confirming after messing...