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  1. J E H

    VOX royal guardsman

    for older vintage amps, the VOX Royal Guardsman was cool. I believe it was tube at one time, then solid state. The one I used was solid state. IT was really cool. It had a 2 phase plug - so you had to check the ground/polarity manually with the microphone. The sound was just amazing.
  2. J E H

    Sadly thinking about an alternate amp

    if you want to sound good, you need a good amp. Sound & reliability. Price is the controlling factor. Marshalls are amazing. So are fenders. For both, though, not a lot of debate, you gotta get the good stuff.
  3. J E H

    Is this 1981 JCM 800 worth the price?

    It depends on what you expect the amplifier to do. IT is over 40 years old. It is only 50 watts. Having said that, I had a JCM800 1984 . Box amp 2 12inch speakers. It was quite cool -- I sold it last year -- it needed everything on a 'maybe' basis and sold it very high. No...
  4. J E H

    Newbie troubleshooting JCM 2000

    I have a 2007 JCM2000 TSL100. really cool amplifier. mostly for recording. It stopped. Lights all still work. After lots of review, tech opinions, etc -- it was suggested that the motherboards for that year amp had issues. I looked at it several times -- the tubes are VERy...
  5. J E H

    Newbie troubleshooting JCM 2000

    I have a Marshall JCM2000 TSL100. Absolute great sounding amp. All 3 channels. It is about a 2007 model - purchased new. NO gigs -- maybe 2 or 3 -- LOTS of recording. It stopped. Lights on. NO sound. After a lot of review, I was told that the motherboard for that amp...
  6. J E H

    Bands: why I may be done with them

    I read somewhere: If you want to find out if you like somebody, go on tour with them.
  7. J E H

    Sadly thinking about an alternate amp

    I don't know, time is important to me. Do not have time to babysit screwed up music gear. reliability and sound and price are all king with me in equal proportions. . If I try an amp out in the music store, I give fair warning. I am going to find out everything it can do...
  8. J E H

    Newcomer looking for guidance for my first Marshall amp

    depends on the $ available. Completely. ALso, what will the 'amplification system' be used for? What are the expectations? Marshall has made just about everything possible in amps. Do your research.
  9. J E H

    Newcomer looking for guidance for my first Marshall amp

    depends on the $. Completely.
  10. J E H

    Your Favorite Marshall Amp

  11. J E H

    The Class 5 is a wonderful little amplifier

    I have a Class 5 -- the one with the speaker in the cabinet. I tried it with extension cabinet -- seemed like it might be a little stressed on the output section. SO, I use it exactly as it is. It is not for sale. It is way too cool for that.
  12. J E H

    Your Favorite Marshall Amp

    VOX Royal Guardsman. Coolest amp I have ever seen. Ever. NEXT---choice would be 80's JCM800 -- with 2 speakers. Would need to be completely re-built. AND, would have to get a footswitch to go from lo to hi channels. Total Marshall sound. Dangerous for other amps to even be...
  13. J E H

    Help checking '85 JCM 800 - any red flags before buying?

    I had a 1984 JCM800. Here is the story. I bought it new. Used it a lot. It only had one problem, no footswitcfh between the hi and lo inputs. That could have been solved, Did not want to risk any electrical drama.......that amp was a son-of a bitch for live. By itself. AND...
  14. J E H

    SOLVED - 1987 farts out when cranked

    that is an old amplifier. I had an 84 JCM800 -- used it a lot. IT could get loud. However, like a car with 264,376 miles, it develped a lot of problems. Sold it at a great price to another -- who will completely go through it and basically turn it into pretty much the original...
  15. J E H

    [Solved] 90’s Marshall JCM 900 not working after insanely loud beep.

    there is yet another aspect to this 'equation' Many years ago, another highly technical sound man described the back outputs of some of 'those amps' could easily run a welding torch. We all (especially me) probably need to review the electrical safety issues and potentials...
  16. J E H

    What is a good 70s movie?

    DUAL. Dennis Weaver.
  17. J E H

    What is a good 70s movie?

  18. J E H

    Peavey Amps for Southern Rock

    YES -- I remember the Peavey Mace very well. Was in a band - the guitar player had one. ALWAYS sounded good - for every type of music. The PEAVEY Heritage also was great. Another -- Fender 'the TWIN' NOT the fender twin reverb. This one was different. Mine 'got away'...
  19. J E H

    Peavey Amps for Southern Rock