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  1. yladrd61

    45/100 super pa 1966

    It's got Jimi in it ;)
  2. yladrd61

    5E3 – Internal voltage - Changed rectifier tube

    I used a 10 watt wirewound 0 - 500 ohm variable resistor in my 5F8A which I modded for switchable fixed / cathode biasing. Also those EH 6V6 are 14 watt max plate dissipation.
  3. yladrd61

    Considering Ceriatone JCM 800 2204HW - Questions

    When I had a 2204 it sounded great with a 2 x 12 with 2 G12M-65 cream backs, it sounded so good the guy I lent it to never brought it back.
  4. yladrd61

    Fender don't make guitars like this anymore :(

    The Fender Custom shop is putting out some superb guitars of course if you want to play you have to pay.
  5. yladrd61

    Gibson Memphis va Nashville

    I would get the 2016 Memphis '58 RI
  6. yladrd61

    Gibson Memphis va Nashville

    I have found the quality of the Memphis ES guitars to be very close the Custom Shop ES guitars from Nashville.
  7. yladrd61

    EPIC FAILS ...bands you missed seeing live.

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Beatles, Cream, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, SRV and Double Trouble.
  8. yladrd61

    Are You Done Buying??

    Yes, on second thought No....
  9. yladrd61

    Are used Gibson Les Pauls Currently Overpriced?

    Not as much as the new ones.
  10. yladrd61

    NPD - Chase Tone Fuzz Fella BC108C *WOW*

    Not much difference, 109s are more common in wah ciruit, 108s more common in fuzz face.
  11. yladrd61

    NPD - Chase Tone Fuzz Fella BC108C *WOW*

    Nice Kylyde !!!
  12. yladrd61

    PS Vane tubes ?

    There are several grades of Psvane tubes with the higher grade being more directed at the high end hi fi amplifier market.
  13. yladrd61

    Custom shop Fat 60s and Jimi

    You may want to check out some SD Antiquity Surfer II, they are grey bobbin early CBS style with a bit more output
  14. yladrd61

    Custom shop Fat 60s and Jimi

    Jimi didn't use hot pickups fat 60s are overwound.
  15. yladrd61

    Custom shop Fat 60s and Jimi

    That is what Fender did on the recent MIM Jimi Hendrix model Strats. They use the RI '65 pickups so the Hot 60's will be a bit more agressive.
  16. yladrd61

    Nice rig (

    Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar is a really cool store, leave your credit cards at home, lol ;)
  17. yladrd61

    Fender Silver / Black Amps for Rock and Roll Tunes

    Deluxe Reverb or Vibrolux.
  18. yladrd61

    1966 "100" logo 1982 A & B cabs

    I would lean heavily toward the G12H25-55hz as he bought them shortly after melting Claptons face when he sat in with Cream.... He probably asked Jim for some of those Amps that Cream had with his Middle name already on he front of them ;)
  19. yladrd61


    Great pictures, that '64 Plymouth Belvedere is the Gnarl !!!!