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    Video of Plexi + VH4 - Tool tone

    It's all Tool, maybe they were inspired by Roth
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    Video of Plexi + VH4 - Tool tone

    As I have a Plexi and a VH4, it was inevitable that I would play both together to attempt Adam Jones' tone. It's interesting how much they complement each other to provide such a full tone. The Marshall has all the midrange and brightness, and the Diezel adds thickness and punch. Don't know how...
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    What Marshalls do you folks have?

    All in my signature :flex:
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    Silver Jubilee observation

    Just run the 100w in half power mode...
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    NAD: Marshall 1959HW

    I have seen people online say the HW is more like a later metal face JMP and the PCB SLP is more like a later jcm800 NMV super lead. Or the HW like a 67-68 plexi and the SLP like an early metal face. But straight from the horses mouth, they are the exact same amp. 14-15 min mark. Don't know...
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    2555x - different tubes & bias

    Thinking of trying some different tubes in my 2555x as I have some 6L6s laying around. Has anyone else tried different tubes in theirs? Seems like these amps can run just about any type of power tube. Also the bias port on top of the chassis seems to make biasing a relatively simple and safe...
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    Another Marshall comparison video - Plexi, 800, Jubilee + more

    Made another video, this time comparing all my Marshalls - Plexi, 2203, Jubilee & Vintage Modern as well as a Diezel and Vox. Hope it's interesting for some!
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    My comparison video of 2203 to a dimed Plexi

    It was through a Suhr reactive load box. I've had the plexi through a cab up to about half on the PPIMV (with ear plugs in of course) before, that was probably about loud enough before its neighbours call the cops volume. It gets a lot louder than there though.
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    My comparison video of 2203 to a dimed Plexi

    Nope it was originally a custom order from the factory. Think I'm the 3rd owner
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    My comparison video of 2203 to a dimed Plexi

    Yeah I tried to match the 800 to the Plexi. The pre-amp knob makes a huge difference, especially for bass response as well. It adds more bass than the bass knob itself
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    Stacking 2 heads on top of 1960 cab

    Ever seen a fullstack? Lol
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    My comparison video of 2203 to a dimed Plexi

    I noticed if you put the master below 8 it changes a lot, definitely a lot less power tube distortion going on. I think the master around 5-7 is the sweet spot for that classic 800 sound. Lower it doesn't sound all that good and higher is more like a Plexi.
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    My comparison video of 2203 to a dimed Plexi

    I made a video comparing these two. I found it a bit surprising that the 2203 can come pretty close to the Plexi!
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    My next Marshall - JCM800?

    So my current stable is 1959SLP (RI), 2555x and 2466. They're all amazing amps and the SLP is probably my favourite. I also have a pending trade for a Suhr Badger 18. Though I might end up selling the Suhr after a bit once I get it, unless it turns out to be amazing, which it very well may...
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise

    Yeah, whenever the amp is on basically (off standby). Was using it without the fx loop. There is a quite noticeable (transformer?) hum coming from the amp itself as well, probably the loudest I have heard from any amp. I can clearly hear it in the from about 8ft away at my desk. It seems to get...
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise

    Turn up your volume, it's definitely there.
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise

    You can't hear the buzz in the first 10 seconds?
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise Clip there, unless that is normal?
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise

    I think it does still buzz on HDR but not really noticeable. Maybe try swapping preamp tubes around? I've actually never done this before
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    VM 2466 LDR Noise

    Just picked up a Vintage Modern, sounds great!! However I've noticed there is a buzzing/electrical whine kind of noise whenever the low dynamic range is engaged. It strangely goes away in HDR mode. Any idea what this issue is? I've contacted the seller but no response yet.