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  1. V-man

    Mxr eq question

    Mxr (old) is noisy AF. I use Empress Para Deluxe.
  2. V-man

    Mxr eq question

    I have the black. There is “sworn testimony“ here and there the new blue is quieter. I quit graphic for now and went para.
  3. V-man

    Sound.... Shall, we open a little bit of, "Pandora's Box"?

    To me the problem is not the “deep dive”. That’s his schtick. The problem is a deep dive into a worthless subject. He does scientific approach to the nth degree with things. This is just “water is wet.. now let me explain that with no measurement or novelty in the discussion for 20 min.”
  4. V-man

    I think I’m gonna sell my 79 2203

    Best TB I have owned so far, including the BB from AM.
  5. V-man

    I think I’m gonna sell my 79 2203

    Yes. Scary in the 1959, Evo in the 2203. Starting fresh I would have 2 Scaries. The 1959 just needs it to dial in the exact amount if gain or kill it from the circuit. The 2203 can survive fine with the cruder Lo/Hi “always engaged“ boost but the ability to dial precisely or completely out of...
  6. V-man

    Leave good enough alone?

    a YT personality said it in his video: Tubes aren’t EQs. If you are unable to dial what you want on the amp’s EQ and/or the Eq pedal, NFW are you going to get there with tubes. The easier thing to do is dial the amp itself as acceptably as you can and compare with the EQ in front (since you are...
  7. V-man

    JMP 2203 all original?

    Probably 2 red flags seeing how anal CAN was about electrical safety standards. 78 was the most loose “anything goes” year of the JMP but I’d guess the least amount of fuckery went into CAN models for governmental standards reasons.
  8. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    So it seems we are moving off from discussing divergent opinions to spouting off mindless shit. On behalf of Jimi Hendrix and Albert King, you know… the founding fathers of all those pointy guitars you hate so much (that joined the most nauseatingly gaudy superstrats in the 80s) you and your...
  9. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    I was a LP hater for years considering the weight and ergos, but they make very good studio guitars- surprised me years ago to discover that bigsby LP on the Doors records instead of the SG. I’m good with super strats but can’t stand traditional ones - I hate the “quack” with a passion.
  10. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    Imagine? That was reality this afternoon through the stock 498T of my Les Paul into my 1959RR. That was the reality this evening when I switched to P90s in my SG Special. That was also the reality last week when playing the T-Tops and Burstbuckers in my Vs. The Superlead is the definition of...
  11. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    You are completely entitled to own opinion (notwithstanding the point you asked for confirmation by starting your own thread about it). Essentially, what you are describing is Kill em All… an invader through a goosed Superlead (TS for you, Jose mod for him w/w-out a RAT). People appreciate that...
  12. V-man

    Anyone regret buying a vintage amp and wish they went with something newer?

    Yes and no. It is agreed that 60s Lead/SuperLeads are the absolute grail. Early metal faces are highly desirable to ‘73. However, a mid-late 70s NMV is not particularly special other than great sounding amps thar are the most attractive Marshalls made, IMO. The JMP Master Volumes will never...
  13. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    Um, no… you asked us here if we agree that it is the greatest sound ever. I certainly agree, it was used well in front of some 2203 recordings and it has a good workable tone, but greatest sound ever? No. The Tim is better. The TC Boost/Line Driver + Distortion is better. The MXR D+ is better...
  14. V-man

    Is this guitar legit?

    All the things you yourself point out make this seem like bullshit. Hard to imagine losing the COA, though certainly possible. IIRC, Gibson will sell a replacement with verification, somwhy not replace it to sell for a better premium? Now, if the case (with COA) didn’t transfer over to this...
  15. V-man

    The JMP and the Tube Screamer combo

    . JMP master volume? It is the sound of Ride the Lightning and Celtic Frost- definite potential for excellence, though I prefer the SD-1 thanks to all the zealots here extolling its virtues. TS and NMV? Not a big fan, actually. Mine feels finicky towards it, prefering something like the MXR D+...
  16. V-man

    Model and date JCM 800

    Confused as to how you don’t know the amp is 50 or 100w, but you don’t seem to need help with the S/N seeing how you accurately calculated T = 1985
  17. V-man

    Epiphone 2023 Inspired by Gibson Custom Shop 1958 Korina Explorer and Flying V

    irony? Ler’s see… were you let down by the inferior pictures that you actually paid for to someone holding out to be a professional photographer? Am I earning a paycheck for entertaining certain dullards here with a loose command of the concept of irony? Was I “selling” my shitty product to...
  18. V-man

    The Genius of LTD - Why I will never buy one.

    But for the fact that you reference early-90s it may seem I would have to be a lot older than you, but given your reference… very unlikely. Thanks to RR, Anthrax, Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield (sort of), and of course Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman, Jackson (which did have cheaper student...
  19. V-man

    6505+ circuit… Muddy?

    Saw two shows this week. Last week band 1 has a 6505 amp. Muddy ass. Maybe nor ass, but completely buried in the mix. I asked him what speakers (V30s) and commented the upper registers were nice and clear, but the chugs disappeared. Week 1, last band: 6505+. Great mix throughout. checked with...
  20. V-man

    Need help with settings

    AC/DC was mostly JTM and Plexi with a 2203:in Back in Black. I believe Allman played a Super Bass (or Bass). Black Crowes is a Silver Jubilee, and when using a Marshall (often times he did not record with one but used them live) Page was playing a Super Lead. Just among the Marshall players...