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  1. GustHFS

    EQ pedal - why does everyone say to put it in the effects loop?

    I vote for EQ in the loop. I'm a fanatic for vintage 70's and 80's receivers, amplifiers, equalizers, tuners, turntables and cassette and reel to reel decks. Connecting equalizers between the pre/power or in the tape monitor in/outs was always the rule of thumb in those days. So for me it...
  2. GustHFS

    Pedals that dont work out and why

    I've had an ST-2 for a few years now. In fact, I've heard or read several reports about this same noise/hiss issue. This seems to be associated with some design flaw in several past batches of this pedal. Mine has always worked very well, I can even say that it is a misunderstood and underrated...
  3. GustHFS

    What is on your gear wish list?

    My wish list is almost modest for someone who lives in the US or Europe and earns a decent salary. A 1960A half stacked JCM 800 2203, a JVM 410C, a 1973 Fender American Vintage II Stratocaster, a '50s Gibson Les Paul Standard, a Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Style 1 HH FR M, and a 1966 Fender...
  4. GustHFS

    What's your poison? What kind of effects do you use with your Marshall/s?

    I reached a point in my adult life where I became a true pedal hoarder, but I ended up selling almost all of them. I spent my whole youth sometimes not even having an amp. In the past things were really difficult for me, and few people had access to quality imported things in the country I live...
  5. GustHFS

    New Marshall Factory Tour vid.

    Really cool! I can't get enough of watching all the Marshall factory tour videos that have been made over the years. I actually collect them. My biggest dream is to personally go to Bletchley to see the museum and the factory. I was intrigued by one detail. In a moment of the video it is...
  6. GustHFS

    Solid state Amp heads

    I love my Code 100H and my MG50CFX (not necessarily a head). Spent all my youth gigging with solid state amps, but I live in Brazil, so things are a bit different over here. Anyway, suddenly everything changed when I bought my first Marshall tube amp... Still love my solid state amps, but in a...
  7. GustHFS

    Favorite High-gain solid-state amp

    In my case, it wouldn't even be a high-gain amp, but the coolest one and with more tone like to a tube amp with the technology available at the time. I'm referring to my Marshall Valvestate 15R, my first Marshall that I bought over two decades ago and that I still have with me today. On the...
  8. GustHFS

    Original speaker cable on DSL20HR?

    This cable I built to use with my Code 100H head. I think I'll build another one similar to use with the DSL20H. This one was built with a brazilian made, Nambei brand, PVC coated cable with two 1.5 mm diameter individual insulated copper core and Amphenol 1/4" M Series plugs. Very robust cable...
  9. GustHFS

    Original speaker cable on DSL20HR?

    Thanx PelliX! I think you're right. Maybe I'll keep this cable as a spare and build another myself using better materials. Off the shelf good quality speaker cables cost a fortune here where I live. I've been thinking about a PVC coated cable with two 1.5 mm diameter individual insulated...
  10. GustHFS

    Original speaker cable on DSL20HR?

    Thank you all guys, mick, RLW, and fitz!!! :cheers: It seemed obvious to me that it should be a cable with two cores, although it had a very close resemblance to an instrument cable. But I was doubtful because it didn't look like the speaker cables I knew and also because this accessory wasn't...
  11. GustHFS

    Original speaker cable on DSL20HR?

    I know I'm late here, but I have the exact same question regarding the speaker cable that came with my DSL20H. Aside from the fact that it wasn't specified that the cable would be included, I was also wondering why this cable looks the same as a guitar cable. My cable is very similar to Felipe's...
  12. GustHFS

    Bigger home for my DSL20hr

    Awesome look, congrats!!:applause: One aesthetics mod I think would be cool on a regular DSL20H cab, would be a bit bigger Marshall logo on it. I love the small logo, but I think that a bigger logo would looks fantastic also. Funny that even the big brick DSL100H has a smaller logo compared to...
  13. GustHFS

    Amp Settings for Use With Distortion Pedal

    When I had a Boss Metal Zone (also a high gain pedal) I used to plug the box on the amp's FX loop. it worked for me sometimes, though (extreme) high gain was never my thing, anyway. Gust
  14. GustHFS

    Guitar technique, you struggle with most.

    For me it would not be so much a matter of techniques that I struggle with the most, since I never made an effort to learn something I don't like. I mean pinch harmonics and sweep picking. I think it's cool for guys like Zakk to have that in their bag of tricks, but to me it sounds cloying...
  15. GustHFS

    Why isn't Marshall not making a DSL40HR?

    Nah, don't mess it up, Marshall. Just now that I've just bought my DSL20H, the next step would be the DSL100H, so let things the way they are, lol Gust
  16. GustHFS

    Who else is over straplocks?

    For those who have doubts about the price in Brazil of a Schaller straplocks set: Schaller 14010101 Straplocks - Amazon Brazil Exchange rate: US$ 1 = BRL 5.23 Better go with replicas here. Same design, 80% of durability, 100% of functionality. 10X less the value of the originals. Our life is...
  17. GustHFS

    Manufactured by Marshall vs Made in England?

    Lol😂 If the buyer is hit on the head when he goes to complain, it will not be for lack of a warning on the equipment itself.
  18. GustHFS

    Who else is over straplocks?

    I use both original Schallers, and Schaller-like straplocks. Never had a problem. Originals are quite expensive where I live, almost US$ 80/pair. Unfeasible.
  19. GustHFS

    Newbie Marshall addict from Brazil 🇧🇷

    Thanx StratoM. Nice Burstrat and JVM 210!! :applause:
  20. GustHFS

    Newbie Marshall addict from Brazil 🇧🇷

    For sure we will! :shred: