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    Just Jammin with a tele.....

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    Anyone still use a G12H30 with their Marshall DSL ?

    I am building a guitar cab recording booth with a 112 cab in it. I was setting it up today and the only spare speaker I had lying around was a Fender "Special Design" Eminence from a 2005 Fender Blues Deluxe. I put it in the cab just so I could get things up and running and to my surprise it...
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    Looking for speaker recs with a different, unique sound for 2 x 12

    I have a Scumback H and a Scumback M in my 1936 212......sounds fantastic!
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    Fattening up a DSL40c lead tone?

    Much nicer difference than using a pedal.
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    Fattening up a DSL40c lead tone?

    I highly recommend the Scumback H 65.....more bottom smoother top......seriously a world of difference!
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    Marshall dsl40cr speaker swap.....

    Which alnico?
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    Marshall dsl40cr speaker swap.....

    I just wanted to pass this on...... I played my dsl40cr for about a year gigging and recording and liked it quite well. One day, on a whim I took out the V Type speaker and put in a Scumback H 75 that I had in another amp. MAN! What a great combination. The Scumback H made a huge difference. It...
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    The Official Marshall Dsl40cr Information Thread

    Wide open is definitely the best tone imho.
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    New or Used Speakers

    I second the v type.....great speaker!
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    DSL40CR Issue

    What brand of tubes did you put in it?
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    SV20H vs SC20H vs Mark V:25 vs DSL40C/R

    I have the SV20H and absolutely love it, it’s just a top shelf piece of gear when it comes to tone and feel, it also has a great effects loop. I also own a DSL40CR and it is a fantastic amp in it’s own right........great home volume amp which I use for gigging and recording all the time......I...
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    Dsl40cr - OD pedals into clean channel at home volume

    I love my dsl40cr, fantastic amp......with the v type speaker which is also great. Better than the Creamback for this specific Marshall imho. I never had any fizz issues at all.....on either channel..... have done a lot of studio work with it and about 150 gigs....never a glitch. It records...
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    The Official Marshall Studio Vintage Thread Sv20h

    Just an FYI, the best boost I have found (and I've tried a few) into the SV20H is the boost in the deluxe memory man (1100tt in my case) in the really well..........sounds great, can also work as a volume attenuator. Just the right amount of push!
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    20h questions on watts and speakers

    Yes M 65 Celestion Creamback
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    20h questions on watts and speakers

    Single Creamback m65 works for me!
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    Am I the only *No Treble* on a Marshall dude?

    I do the same with my SV20H and my DSL 40CR.
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    SV20 with 1936 cab ......anyone?

    Sorry I meant why the h30 55?
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    SV20 with 1936 cab ......anyone?

    Thanks! What those?