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  1. matt3310

    The Klon- and inflation

    I build a Klon clone that sounds identical to a real Klon. I have 5 Klons and a/b them with every Klonlike I build. You cannot tell the difference! Heres one I built for Jared James Nichols.
  2. matt3310

    Picked up a PRS 594SE!

    Got this from Troglys Guitar show. Played very good right out of the bag. Sounded amazing! had my tech do a setup on it and now.....WOW! I'm always happy with the SE's I've got. But this one is different. Plays, feels, and sounds INCREDIBLE! I usually replace tuners, pots, pickups, and sometimes...
  3. matt3310

    Guitar Amp Shelf

  4. matt3310

    Show your signature model geetars…

    Chris Henderson Nick Cantonese Mick Mars Mike Mushock Jeff Beck Trent Reznor Claptons, SRV, Bonnie Raitt, Jim Roots, Beck Mark Holcomb
  5. matt3310

    Show your signature model geetars…

    Jared James Nichols Adam Jones John Mayer Rick Neilsen Mark Tremonti Chris Robertson Zakk Wylde Jason Hook EVH Al Dimeola Zach Myers Neal Schon
  6. matt3310

    who here knows a lot about Kia vehicle warranties & policies?

    If its over 10 years old, the warrant is expired.
  7. matt3310

    New 50's Gold Top Day!!

    Just got a Gibson LP Standard 50's Gold top. Amazing guitar! Nice neck thats SOOOOO comfy! So I did a Gold top family photo. And my favorite gold top decided to join! His name is also Gibson!
  8. matt3310

    1965 SG JR!

    Just got her in. Man I love that P90!
  9. matt3310

    Overdrives: If You Had to Pick Three (3)

    Klon, Tube screamer, Marshall Guvnor
  10. matt3310


    Where are you located?
  11. matt3310

    NGD!! 1963 Jazzmaster!!

    Well technically I bought it a couple of months ago. But I had to have it fixed up. Needed a fret job, set up and massive cleaning!! So here she is! 1963 all original Jazzmaster!
  12. matt3310

    NGD!! Adam Jones Standard!

    What a guitar! Heavy as hell and the bridge pickup is hot!! Sounds huge!!!
  13. matt3310

    O'brien amp

    Picked up a few amps a couple of weeks ago. A Peavey Classic 50, Line 6 DT25, Fender Hot rod Deluxe and this! Its an Obrien 50 watt head! Very rare and unique. It has two channels. Clean and overdrive. But they are controlled by a foot pedal thats blends the two channels, or blend them! Not much...
  14. matt3310

    I Have Too Many Guitars

    I'm in Memphis, and always looking to buy more guitars. PM me if you want to sell some.
  15. matt3310

    NGD! EDS 1275 Limited edition.

    So Gibson confirmed this is a 1 off. Only one made in this color!
  16. matt3310

    Recommend me an amp tech for restorations please

    I'd Stay away from Lyle at Psionic Audio. He can fix things, but he's extremely opinionated. And sometimes very hard to deal with. I use Nathan Okeefe from Square Wave audio. He does all my amps and is super knowledgeable and very quick!
  17. matt3310

    Union Jack cab musings

    I'm going to need one of these cabs now!!!
  18. matt3310

    Union Jack cab musings

    Man I really want this cab!!!
  19. matt3310

    Rescued Les Paul!

    Can you believe this is the same guitar? Cool story here. I found a Gibson Les Paul at an estate sale that was in ROUGH shape! Someone had painted it a flag pattern on front and a Elvis theme on the back. It was unplayable. And UGLY! I don't think the guitar had ever been cleaned. I almost...

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